Four Eagles players land in Pro Football Network’s Top 100 of 2022

Posted on July 29, 2022

The 2022-2023 NFL season is quickly approaching and the Philadelphia Eagles are strong contenders this year. The roster has been filled with a balanced mix of young potential and big-name veterans, and after training camp started this week, hopes are high.

Yesterday, Pro Football Network released their Top 100 Players list. Among them are four Eagles players who undoubtedly bring dominance to the team.


  • No. 25: Lane Johnson, Offensive tackle
  • No. 53: A.J. Brown, Wide receiver
  • No. 95: Darius Slay, Cornerback
  • No. 97: Jason Kelce, Center

Leading the pact for the Eagles is Lane Johnson who will be entering his 10th season in Philadelphia.

Dalton Miller from PFN stated, “If not for mounting injuries over the past few seasons, Lane Johnson would still probably be considering one of the 10 or so most dominant players in the NFL. Unfortunately, the athletic marvel only played just over 400 snaps in 2020, and has missed time in each season dating back to 2015.”

“Johnson’s athleticism has made so many discount the power he generated as a run blocker, which has become increasingly important as the Eagles’ offense became a run-dominant tea with Jalen Hurts at QB.”

Miller continued, “Johnson’s athleticism already overwhelms most pass rushers, but it’s the versatility in his hands and the consistency in which he lands unique strikes that makes him such a dominant pass protector. Nothing a tackle does is prettier than Johnson’s fake strike to make a rusher show his cards, just to have Johnson counter with the strike necessary to counter the rusher’s primary plan.”

Johnson’s versatility is indeed what makes him a dominant presence. He’s a three-time Pro Bowler and last season, he was named to NFL’s All-Pro Team. The offensive tackle is an integral part of one of the best offensive lines in the league and after making his first career touchdown in 2021, there’s no stopping the 32-year-old.

Just outside the top half of the list is wide receiver A.J. Brown. Brown will be making his Eagles’ debut in 2022 as WR1. After completing 1,000+ yards in two out of three seasons, the Pro Bowler will be joining friend Jalen Hurts.

The Hurts-Brown duo is one of the most anticipated to watch moving into 2022.

[Almost] last, but certainly not least are cornerback Darius Slay and center Jason Kelce. Slay is entering his third season as an Eagle, and Kelce, his 12th. Both players were the only two to be directly selected for the Pro Bowl in 2021.

Last season, Slay completed 52 tackles, three interceptions with one finishing in a touchdown, and two fumble recoveries for 116 yards and two touchdowns. He is the first Eagle to score three times defensively in four games.

Kelce will be entering 2022, looking to build upon his 122 consecutive start streak. He is one of the best centers in the league and fortunately, for the Eagles, decided to return for another season.


Al four players, and the remainder of the Philadelphia Eagles, hope to pull off an improved season compared to last. The season begins on Thursday, September 8.

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