Eagles 2023 NFL Mock Draft

A look into the future

Welcome to the NFL 2023 Eagles Mock Draft page, which will be updated periodically with the release of any crucial player information and more importantly, based on their performance throughout the college football season.

Eagles Mock Draft 2023 Breakdown

(Updated: June 13, 2024)

While the Philadelphia Eagles made it to the Super Bowl (and lost) as the #1 seed in the NFC, we fear they may still lack a bit of stability and youth going into the 2023 offseason. We also see the front office giving the defense some much-needed attention.

1st10Myles MurphyDefensive LinemanClemson
1st30Jahmyr GibbsRunning BackAlabama
2nd62Josh DownsWide ReceiverNorth Carolina
3rd94Ronnie HickmanSafetyOhio State
7th219Avery YoungDefensive BackRutgers
7th248Roschon JohnsonRunning BackTexas

Philadelphia Eagles control the New Orleans’ first-rounder (Pick #10) & the 3oth overall pick in the 1st round of the 2023 NFL Draft. This is how we see it playing out as of right now in our 2023 Eagles mock draft.

 1. (First Round Pick- VIA Saints) #10: DL Myles Murphy, Clemson

Since James Bradberry and Darius Slay re-signed with the Eagles, the cornerback position doesn’t seem as crucial to the Eagles going into the 2023 NFL Draft. Although, this may give allow Howie Roseman the chance to stock up on homegrown replacements, I think he looks to another defensive position for that number ten pick. Eagles are ready to win now, so I think Howie fortifies the defensive line with the athletic and versatile Myles Murphy from Clemson.

Myles Murphy is an edge rusher with great size, speed and power. He showed an improved prowess to stack and shed blockers and impact passing lanes when the rush didn’t get home. The Georgia native’s ability to turn speed into power will help him make the transition from College to the NFL.


  • Natural athlete with great size and speed
  • Impacts passing & rushing lanes
  • Shoots the gaps better than anyone
  • Quick off the snap
  • Good strength leads to an ability to turn speed to power

2. (First Round Pick) #30: RB Jahmyr Gibbs, Alabama

Less than a month after he entered the portal, Jahmyr Gibbs joined the Alabama Crimson Tide where as a junior he saw action in 11 games. With Miles Sanders oput the door, this is the perfect opportunity to get a solid #1 RB at the end of the 1st round.

  • He ran for 850 yards on 136 attempts for a 6.3 ypc. (2022)
  • 7 TDs, no fumbles. (2022)
  • As a receiver: 42 receptions for 378 yards.
  • Second Team All-American 2021
  • First-Team All-ACC 2021
  • Leads all RBs in forced missed tackles on receptions (18)

3. (Second Round Pick) #62: WR Josh Downs, North Carolina

With Zach Pascal being traded away to the Arizona Cardinals, I beleive the Eagles will try to find their #3 wr slot option in the second round of the NFL draft. With that said, Josh Downs out of North Carolina could be the guy they pull the trigger on with their 58th pick.

Josh Downs (5’9”/171) was a 4-star recruit with two 1,000+ yard and 90+ catch college seasons before declaring early.

Josh is a traditional slot receiver with an 8.8 average depth of target, so he would be the perfect guy to sit in the slot behind AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith. He maneuvers underneath routes with diverse pacing and has a great feel for zone defenses, allowing him to catch an absurd 43% of North Carolina’s passes as a true sophomore. He has average speed, but he creates separation on option routes and will usually win contested catches on a slot fades.

4. (Third Round Pick) #94: S Ronnie Hickman, Ohio State

The safety room is extremely flimsy beyond 2022. Anthony Harris is 30 and set to be a free agent, as is Jaquiski Tartt.

Sure, the team could’ve probably addressed this position earlier. But like with the linebacker position, safety is often neglected in the draft and instead replenished through free agency (such as Malcolm Jenkins, Rodney McLeod, Harris, etc.)

We’ll assume that’s what they do in 2023, but adding youth depth isn’t a bad idea.

  • Hickman, a New Jersey native, stands at 6’1″ and 205 pounds. In 2021, he had 92 tackles and two interceptions.
  • For the Buckeyes, Hickman has seen time as both strong safety and a safety/linebacker hybrid (sorry for the Nate Gerry flashbacks!) and will head into the season as a free safety.
  • The experience across the field is always a plus and allows him to match up with virtually anybody.

As Pro Football Network notes:

“Hickman’s physicality and explosiveness are two traits that help him to excel while defending, and physicality is always needed. Hickman has enough potential for the Eagles to take him while still adding some veterans into the mix.”

What is a NFL Mock Draft?

A NFL Mock Draft is an activity in which people predict the order in which players will be selected in the NFL Draft. This process is a simulation of the actual NFL Draft, and it helps to predict which teams may be interested in which players. The goal of a mock draft is to provide insight into which players may be the best fit for each team, based on their needs and available talent.

In a mock draft, the commissioner or organizer gets each participant to rank the players in order of preference, and then the draft is conducted accordingly. The result is a prediction of how the actual NFL Draft may unfold. Mock drafts are a great way for fans to get involved in the NFL Draft process, and it can also provide insight into potential sleeper picks and potential trades.

Eagles Mock Draft FAQ

Q: What is an NFL mock draft?

A: An NFL mock draft is a prediction of how the first few rounds of the upcoming NFL draft could play out. Experts and fans create mock drafts based on factors such as team needs, player rankings, and draft history.

Q: Who creates mock drafts?

A: Anyone can create a mock draft, but they are typically created by draft experts, NFL analysts, and fans who follow the draft closely.

Q: How accurate are mock drafts?

A: Mock drafts are not always accurate, as they are based on predictions and speculation. However, they can be a helpful tool for fans and teams to get an idea of which players could potentially be drafted in the first round.

Q: What factors do mock drafters consider?

A: Mock drafters typically consider a range of factors, including team needs, player rankings, team history, player fit, and rumors or reports about team interest in certain players.

Q: How many rounds do mock drafts typically cover?

A: Mock drafts can cover any number of rounds, but the most popular ones typically cover the first round of the draft, which is the most high-profile and features the most high-profile players.

Q: When are mock drafts typically released?

A: Mock drafts are typically released in the months leading up to the NFL draft, which usually takes place in late April or early May.

Q: How much impact do mock drafts have on the actual draft?

A: Mock drafts do not directly impact the actual draft, but they can influence public opinion and potentially affect teams’ decisions on draft day. Additionally, mock drafts can help teams prepare for potential scenarios and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different players.

Q: Can mock drafts change after trades or other developments?

A: Yes, mock drafts can change as a result of trades, injuries, player evaluations, and other developments leading up to the draft. In fact, mock drafts often change frequently as new information becomes available.