Is a Rodney McLeod reunion in Philadelphia likely?

Posted on March 25, 2023

After six seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, Rodney McLeod is discussing what it would be like to return. And according to the safety, it would be a positive one.


Rodney McLeod’s stint with the Eagles began in 2016. Leaving the St. Louis Rams as a free agent, the safety received multiple offers, eventually scoring a $35 million contract.

Joining Philadelphia, McLeod along with Malcolm Jenkins became the highest-paid safety duo in the league. Despite never being selected for the Pro Bowl, he remained consistent throughout his time with the Eagles. In 2018, McLeod won his first Super Bowl championship while he was on injured reserve for a torn MCL.

McLeod returned for three more seasons before entering free agency. His carer in midnight green ended with 347 tackles, 11 interceptions, two sacks, four forced fumbles, and three fumble recoveries in 75 games.

For the 2022 season, McLeod played for the Indianapolis Colts, finishing with a career-high 96 tackles and eight pass deflections. He also had two interceptions, scoring his first career touchdown.

Now, a free agent again, the 32-year-old is looking for his next move.

On a recent appearance on NFL Network’s “Good Morning, Football”, McLeod was asked about a reunion in Philly, and he only had good things to say.

“You never know what can happen. That would be an amazing finish to my career, I would say. To leave and come back it’s like the ultimate story and fairy tale, right? So, you never know what can happen, never can close a door, door might present itself, we’ll see.”

McLeod has not had an offer from any team yet, however, he wants to make sure the team he does join is the right fit.

“Just staying patient, I think, and really trying to understand what’s the right fit. I’ve played this game for 11 years, going into my 12th season, and the game’s given me a lot but it also takes a lot from me. Time, commitment, the physical strain on your body…the mental aspect of it to perform at a high level…so, for me, it’s just trying to figure out what makes sense for not only myself but for my family.”

As a fan-favorite, McLeod would be welcomed back with open arms. Philadelphia’s need for an experienced safety is also apparent. With C.J. Gardner-Johnson and Marcus Epps gone, McLeod could be a good addition.

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