NFL Playoff Schedule / 2022-2023 Season

Below is the updated version of the 2022-2023 NFL Playoff Schedule:

NFL Playoff Schedule 2022-2023

eagles playoff schedule

NFC & AFC Championship Games

(#2) San Francisco 49ersAT(#1) Philadelphia Eagles Sunday, Jan. 293:00PM EST
(#3) Cincinnati BengalsAT(#1) Kansas City ChiefsSunday, Jan. 296:30PM EST
Philadelphia EaglesVS??TBD??Sunday, Feb. 126:30PM EST

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NFC – Divisional Round:

(#6) New York GiantsAT(#1) Philadelphia Eagles Saturday, Jan. 218:15PM EST
(#5) Dallas CowboysAT(#2) San Francisco 49ersSunday, Jan. 226:30PM EST

AFC – Divisional Round:

(#4) Jacksonville JaguarsAT(#1) Kansas City ChiefsSunday, Jan. 214:30PM EST
(#3) Cincinnati BengalsAT(#2) Buffalo BillsSunday, Jan. 223:00PM EST

NFL Playoff Schedule – Wild Card Scores/Recap

  •  Seven playoff berths in each division.
  • #1 seeds get a bye to Divisional Round. (Philadelphia Eagles & Kansas City Chiefs)

14 teams would make the postseason. While seven teams from each conference make the playoffs, only the No.1 seeds get a bye to the divisional round. The other 12 teams must start from the Wild Card round of their respective conferences.

Saturday, Jan. 14

  • (#2) San Fransisco 49ers: 41 / (#7) Seattle Seahawks: 23
  • (#4) Jacksonville Jaguars: 31 / (#5) Los Angeles Chargers: 30

Sunday, Jan. 15

  • (#2) Buffalo Bills: 34 / (#7) Miami Dolphins: 31
  • (#6) New York Giants: 31 / (#3) Minnesota Vikings: 24
  • (#3) Cincinnati Bengals: 24 / (#6) Baltimore Ravens: 17

17 Monday, Jan. 16

  • (#5) Dallas Cowboys: 31 / (#4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 14

NFC – Wild Card Round:

(#1) Philadelphia Eagles 1st Round BYEDATETIME
(#7) Seattle SeahawksAT(#2) San Francisco 49ersSaturday, Jan. 144:30PM EST
(#6) New York GiantsAT(#3) Minnesota VikingsSunday, Jan. 154:30PM EST
(#5) Dallas CowboysAT(#4) Tampa Bay BuccaneersMonday, Jan. 168:15PM EST

AFC – Wild Card Round:

(#1) Kansas City Chiefs 1st Round BYEDATETIME
(#7) Miami DolphinsAT(#2) Buffalo BillsSunday, Jan. 151:00PM EST
(#6) Baltimore RavensAT(#3) Cincinnati BengalsSunday, Jan. 158:15PM EST
(#5) LA ChargersAT(#4) Jacksonville JaguarsSaturday, Jan. 148:15PM EST

Neutral AFC Championship Game Scenario

1 – The AFC Championship Game will be played at a neutral site if the participating teams played an unequal number of games and both could have been the number one seed and hosted the game had all AFC clubs played a full 17-game regular season. Those circumstances involve Buffalo or Cincinnati qualifying for the game as a road team and are listed below:

Scenario 1

Buffalo and Kansas City both win or both tie – a Buffalo vs Kansas City championship game would be at a neutral site.

Scenario 2

Buffalo and Kansas City both lose and Baltimore wins or ties – a Buffalo vs Kansas City championship game would be at a neutral site.

Scenario 3

Buffalo and Kansas City both lose and Cincinnati wins – a Buffalo or Cincinnati vs Kansas City championship game would be at a neutral site.

2 – If Baltimore defeats Cincinnati in Week 18 it will have defeated Cincinnati, a divisional opponent, twice but will not be able to host a playoff game because Cincinnati will have a higher winning percentage for a 16-game schedule than Baltimore will for a 17-game schedule.

  • If Baltimore defeats Cincinnati and if those two clubs are scheduled to play a Wild Card game against one another, the site for that game would be determined by a coin toss.
  • If Cincinnati wins the Week 18 game or if Baltimore and Cincinnati are not scheduled to play one another in the Wild Card round, the game sites would be determined by the regular scheduling procedures.

NFL Conference Championship

  • TBD

Super Bowl LVII

  • TBD

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