Is wide receiver A.J. Brown overvalued?

Posted on July 27, 2022

Everyone has their opinion, and one blog is giving theirs on Philadelphia Eagles’ A.J. Brown. The critic claims that Brown is among the top-ten overvalued wide receivers in the league heading into the 2022 season.

Zach Rizzuto from Upper Hand Fantasy has ranked the former Tennessee Titans’ wide receiver No. 3.

10 Overvalued Wide Receivers for the 2022 Season, according to Zach Rizzuto

  1. Stefon Diggs – Buffalo Bills
  2. Tee Higgins – Cincinnati Bengals
  3. A.J. Brown – Philadelphia Eagles
  4. Michal Pittman – Indianapolis Colts
  5. D.J. Moore – Carolina Panthers
  6. Diontae Johnson – Pittsburgh Steelers
  7. Juju Smith-Schuster – Kansas City Chiefs
  8. Amari Cooper – Cleveland Browns
  9. Elijah Moore – New York Jets
  10. Drake London – Atlanta Falcons

Rizzuto’s reasoning for naming A.J. Brown essentially blamed Jalen Hurts’ inconsistent passing. After witnessing the quarterback’s lack of accuracy in 2021, he stated that “it’s difficult to feel comfortable investing such a high draft pick in Brown.”

So, will Brown prove to be a valuable asset to the team or was it a move that caused more harm for the hype?


Brown’s move to Philadelphia was the result of an 18th overall and third-round draft pick exchange with the Titans. The trade was epic and Philly fans were excited to welcome the Pro Bowler. Pro Football Focus also named it the Eagles’ best offseason move. But, the deal came with a whooping $100 million contract.

In Brown’s first professional season, he finished with 52 receptions for 1,051 receiving yards and eight receiving touchdowns. In two less games the following season, he had a career-high 70 receptions, 1,075 receiving yards, and 11 touchdowns. Though his 2021 statistics were his worst, Brown suffered an injury, missing four games, and ultimately wanted out of Tennessee.

His deal with Philadelphia now makes him the fifth-highest paid wide receiver in the NFL.

  • Tyreek Hill – Miami Dolphins: $30 million/year
  • Davante Adams – Las Vegas Raiders: $28 million/year
  • DeAndre Hopkins – Arizona Cardinals: $27.25 million/year
  • Cooper Kupp – Los Angeles Rams: $26.7 million/year
  • A.J. Brown – Philadelphia Eagles: $25 million/year

Though the players above Brown are elite, they also come with more experience. Brown is the least experienced on the list, with only three seasons under his belt.

It’s understandable to think that a receiver with so little gameplay in comparison to the others would score such a big payday. However, the Eagles essentially did two things when they signed Brown — they displayed confidence in his abilities and paired him with someone he’s comfortable with.

Though it may have been preemptive to hand out such a large contract to Brown before fans see if Hurts improved, it’s unfair to base Brown’s salary off of Hurts’ passing issues. Brown is fast and he can catch. If Hurts has made the changes he needed to in the offseason, the duo will excel. The Eagles didn’t overvalue Brown, they invested in him.

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