Eagles have second-easiest schedule, weekly predictions for 2022 season

Posted on May 23, 2022

The official NFL schedule for the 2022-2023 season was released last week. With an opponent combined 2021 record sitting at 133-154-2, the Philadelphia Eagles will have the second-easiest schedule in the league.

After coming out of a “rebuild” year with a 9-8 record, the Eagles should undoubtedly find more success this season. Below is a look at the Eagles season predictions, week-by week for 2022.


Week 1 — September 11: Eagles at Detroit Lions

Last season the Detroit Lions were one of the worst teams in the league, finishing with a 3-13-1 record. When they played the Eagles, Philadelphia’s rush game was strong and the City of Brotherly Love pulled out a 44-6 victory. Since then, the Lions have improved their offense, adding wide receivers D.J. Chark and Jameson Williams.

I don’t think Week 1’s game will be quite the blowout this upcoming season, but the Eagles also upgraded and should pull out the win. A season-opening win, on the road, will give Philadelphia the energy they need for their primetime game in Week 2.

Prediction: Eagles win

Record: 1-0

Week 2 — September 19: Minnesota Vikings at Eagles

Both the Eagles and the Vikings finished with similar records in 2021, placing second in their respective divisions. Since 1962, they have faced off 29 times against each other, with the Vikings winning 15 of those games. Their most recent matchup was in 2019 and though Kirk Cousins does well against the Eagles, he’s 2-7 on Monday Night Football.

A primetime game during Philadelphia’s home opener will send the Linc into a frenzy. Though Justin Jefferson will be someone to watch, the Eagles aren’t going to allow a loss to happen.

Prediction: Eagles win

Record: 2-0

Week 3 — September 25: Eagles at Washington Commanders

Carson Wentz versus Jalen Hurts. Both quarterbacks had similar game play last season; however, the Commanders have the advantage here. Not only do they face the Eagles at home, but Philadelphia is coming off a short week after playing on Monday night.

Wentz hasn’t had the easiest career lately, now with his third team in three seasons. He’ll be looking for a comeback and I think he’ll get it this week.

Prediction: Commanders win

Record: 2-1

Week 4 — October 2: Jacksonville Jaguars at Eagles

Dougie P will return to the Linc for the first time since being let go in 2021. As the Jaguars’ new head coach, the team will be adjusting to Pederson’s scheme, as the Eagles will look to master theirs. Though Jacksonville will likely be a better team this year (compared to last), they won’t out-do Philadelphia.

Prediction: Eagles win

Record: 3-1

Week 5 — October 9: Eagles at Arizona Cardinals

I truly thought the Cardinals were going to be Super Bowl contenders last season. They finished with an 11-6 record, and despite only winning three of their home games, I don’t think this is any indication of what it will be like to play at State Farm Stadium in 2022.

Kyler Murray is going to put Philadelphia’s defense to work and it will be interesting to see how Goedert plays in relation to former teammate, Zach Ertz.

Prediction: Cardinals win

Record: 3-2

Week 6 — October 16: Dallas Cowboys at Eagles

Philadelphia is going to enter this game thinking they will win. It’s a home game, and another primetime one at that. The Eagles added some whopping playmakers during the 2022 NFL Draft while the Cowboys fell short. The game should be a good matchup, especially since Hurts hasn’t beat Dak Prescott yet, but I think the Eagles wind up disappointed in the end.

After two straight losses, they will be looking forward to their bye week in Week 7.

Prediction: Cowboys win

Record: 3-3

Week 7: BYE WEEK

Week 8 — October 30: Pittsburgh Steelers at Eagles

The Eagles are coming off a break and will meet the Steelers at home. Without Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh is in for a stiff quarterback competition this offseason. Whether Pickett or Trubisky shows up as QB1, the Steelers won’t be able to secure a victory.

Prediction: Eagles win

Record: 4-3

Week 9 — November 3: Eagles at Houston Texans

Another below average team, the Houston texans finished 4-13 last season. They are in a rebuild phase and tend to give up a lot of passing yards. With newcomer AJ Brown on the Eagles, Philadelphia’s receiving corps are going to have a field day.

Prediction: Eagles win

Record: 5-3

Week 10 — November 14: Washington Commanders at Eagles

After a Week 3 loss against the Commanders (according to my predictions), Hurts and the Eagles aren’t going to let that happen at home. Carson Wentz will be returning to Philadelphia for the first time since being traded in 2021 and emotions will be high. Although Wentz should be comfortable at the Linc, the crowd will be rowdy, and I think he’ll make some major mistakes that the Eagles will be able to take advantage of.

Prediction: Eagles win

Record: 6-3

Week 11 — November 20: Eagles at Indianapolis Colts

This game should be interesting for a number of reasons. The Eagles traded Carson Wentz to the Colts last season, then they traded him to the Commanders, who the Eagles just beat the previous week. Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles will be attendance as the Colts’ newest player and Nick Sirianni will face off against his former head coach, Frank Reich, for the first time.

There’s a lot going on that could mess with Philadelphia’s gameplay, but I think they make it work. Though Hurts has only played with the Eagles for one full season, the Colts will be adjusting to someone new altogether.

Prediction: Eagles win

Record: 7-3

Week 12 — November 27: Green Bay Packers at Eagles

It’s surprising that Aaron Rodgers still hasn’t retired, but he’s back for another season and by the time he meets the Eagles, he’ll be in a groove. I think Philadelphia puts up a good fight, but after four consecutive wins, they’re have a hard time pulling off a fifth.

Prediction: Packers win

Record: 7-4

Week 13 — December 4: Tennessee Titans at Eagles

Wide receiver AJ Brown will meet his former team in his new stadium, and there’s no doubt he’ll be seeking revenge to show the Titans what they missed out on. With the contract extension Brown wanted, he’ll also be playing with one of his best friends (Hurts) as part of one of the best receiving cops in the league.

I think Brown catches for over 100 passing yards and the Eagles pull out the win.

Prediction: Eagles win

Record: 8-4

Week 14 — December 11: Eagles at New York Giants

Jalen Hurts played one of the worst games of his season last year against the Giants. Since then, New York has added some pertinent players to their roster and I don’t think this game will be as easy as most think it will be.

Philadelphia will be too comfortable, and we all know how that plays out.

Prediction: Giants win

Record: 8-5

Week 15 — December 18: Eagles at Chicago Bears

It’s unlikely that the Chicago Bears will put up a solid fight against the Eagles. Their offense is weak and won’t be able to stand up against Philadelphia’s defense.

As for the Eagles’ offense, I think they’ll ultimately be better, but they’ll be preparing for their upcoming week against Dallas, so fans may see a few new things as they work out some glitches.

Prediction: Eagles win

Record: 9-5

Week 16 — December 24: Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

Winning in Dallas is not an easy task, but the Eagles have to make a comeback after the Cowboys beat them at home in Week 6. Jalen Hurts also can’t allow two seasons to pass without taking down Prescott.

I think the entire game will be a close call, but the Eagles put their run game on the forefront to get ahead. Philadelphia secures the win and brings a hefty Christmas gift back to the City of Brotherly Love.

Prediction: Eagles win

Record: 10-5

Week 17 — January 1: New Orleans Saints at Eagles

The Saints have undergone some big changes this offseason. Replacing Sean Payton is new head coach Dennis Allen. New Orleans has also added Jarvis Landry and Chris Olave, making their passing attack more favorable.

Hurts and the Eagles have beat the Saints before and I think they will do it again.

Prediction: Eagles win

Record: 11-5

Week 18 — January 7/8: New York Giants at Eagles

The Giants will be tired and the game won’t matter for them, which makes me think they will be playing their back-ups. Alternatively, at this point I think the Eagles have already secured themselves a playoff spot. Philadelphia won’t let the season closing game end in a loss, especially at home. A win will prove that they are the more superior NFC East team and will keep the momentum going into the postseason.

Prediction: Eagles win

Record: 12-5

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