Philadelphia Eagles 2021-2022 playoff chances

Posted on December 30, 2021

With the way the 2021-2022 NFL season started, there was a greater chance of getting rid of Howie Roseman than seeing the playoffs. But as Week 17 nears, here we are — discussing post-season possibilities.

After a 34-10 win over the New York Giants, the Philadelphia Eagles are now 8-7. The Eagles have won six of their last eight games, joining the Green Bay Packers as the only NFC team with the most wins throughout that span.

The key to it all? A strong defense, a solid offensive line, and the best rush game the NFL has seen in years. As it stands, Philadelphia holds the No. 1 spot for rush attempts (483), rushing yards (2,448), yards per attempt (5.1), and rushing touchdowns (22).

The Eagles are now preparing for their last of three games to be played within 13 days. Sunday, they will travel for their final away game of the season against the Washington Football Team. They then return home to end the regular season against the Dallas Cowboys.


Though the Eagles have already lost the NFC East title, they remain able to clinch a spot in the playoffs.

Here’s the breakdown:

The Eagles must win against Washington, AND the Vikings must lose to the Packers.

Then, the Texans must lose to the 49ers, OR the Saints must lose to the Panthers.

If we take Philadelphia out of the equation, the chances of the other three teams losing aren’t impossible. The Texans-49ers and the Saints-Panthers both play at 1 PM. The Texans are favored to lose as they visit San Francisco and have only won four total games this season.

When it comes to the Saints, it gets a little trickier. Though New Orleans is the favored team, they play at home, which hasn’t proven to be very lucky this season. The Panthers are also due for a win as they have gone 0-5 over the last five weeks.

As for the Vikings-Packers, Minnesota did pull through with a 34-31 win when they played Green Bay five weeks ago. However, the Packers have gone undefeated since then, winning their last four games. They are also undefeated at home, which is where they will play again come Sunday.

Though the chips will fall where they may in those games, the Eagles must pull out a victory.  With a 74.3% chance of reaching the playoffs, the Eagles have taken the “Rebuild Year,” and a lot of doubt and have turned it into something fans should be excited about next season.

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