A Family Business: Julian, son of Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie joins the team

Posted on June 1, 2022

Julian Lurie, son of Jeffrey Lurie, owner of the Philadelphia Eagles will now have an official role on the team. Julian was given the title, Business and Football Operations Strategy. It is unknown what his exact role will be in his given position.

The news was reported by Bo Wulf of The Athletic and confirmed by the NFL.


Jeffrey Lurie began his career in the film industry before dipping his feet into sports. As a New England Patriots fan, Lurie has plans to buy the team, but dropped out of the bidding. Later that year, he purchased the Philadelphia Eagles from Norman Braman for $195 million, after taking out a $190 million loan. He became the official owner in 1994.

During Lurie’s time as owner, he has led six head coaches, won nine NFC East championships, and had 16 playoff appearances. The Eagles also won the franchise’s only Super Bowl championship, defeating Lurie’s former favorite team, the New England Patriots.

This year, Jeffrey Lurie made Forbes’ billionaire’s list, ranking as 887th in the world. His net worth is $3.5 billion.

Now, his son, Julian has the opportunity to take over the family business. Julian has been unofficially working with the Eagles. He was present at the Senior Bowl in Alabama this past February, as well as the owner meetings in Palm Beach, Florida in March.

Julian now has his own office at the NovaCare Complex.

“I can say that he has my passion for the sport and the Eagles,” Jeffrey Lurie said. “I can tell you that. Like a lot of children of families that own teams, kind of bring them along. I want to expose him to all aspects of both the business side and the operational side. The nuts and bolts and also the strategy side.”

Jeffrey Lurie continued, “He’s a real sharp guy, and he’s going to have so much more going into it than I ever did if he chooses to want to someday own and run the team. He’s going to have a gigantic advantage. Maybe he won’t make some of the early mistakes I made.”

Julian Lurie is 27 years old.

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