Has Philly’s success in sports put pressure on the Eagles?

Posted on October 29, 2022

Sports across the Philadelphia region have been on a whole new level this year.

The Flyers are in first place in the Metropolitan Division, the Union will begin their MLS Cup semifinal expedition on Sunday, and the Phillies have made it to the World Series. After the Phillies suffered through the first leg of their season, they went 65-46 after Rob Thomson took over. Now, they’ve finished with their first playoff berth since 2011. And, they have a win in Game One under their belt.

It hasn’t nearly been that long since the Eagles have seen success. However, the team has struggled to find their footing since their first Super Bowl win in 2018. Now, with an essentially new team, and an undefeated season thus far (6-0), do the Eagles feel pressure to make it to the end?


Earlier this week, center Jason Kelce sat down to talk to the media about the Eagles and the Phillies.

He stated, “I’m not really trying to take what the Phillies are doing and apply it to the Eagles. Just enjoying what the Phillies are doing. The fans and the city, right now is electric, and it’s fun to participate in that, no matter if you’re playing football, or whatever you’re doing as a job. It’s a great time to be in the city of Philadelphia. The game are awesome to go to. So, yeah, it’s a lot of fun.”

Head coach Nick Sirianni slightly disagrees. He stated that he wants to use the Phillies’ energy, and apply it to the Eagles in terms of coaching.

“Man, I just look at that team [Phillies], and I think about the way they connect with each other, because you want to emulate good teams and you want to see what makes good teams good teams. They connect with each other. They’re always celebrating together. It’s fun to watch.”

“All those different things, they went through adversity throughout the year and came out better because of it. My hat’s off to their coaches and to their players for having the dawg mentality to go and control what you can control.”

“At some points I’ll probably use a dawg mentality thing with what they went through in the season, so at some point, yeah, the connecting. I know we used a connecting clip last year in one of the team meetings of the ’93 Phillies. I remember some of the clips we showed, how much they enjoyed being around each other. So yeah, I imagine that we will at some point.”

Linebacker Shaun Bradley stated that the Phillies have been providing motivation for the Eagles.

“We do one day at a time, one game at a time, so I don’t want to look too far ahead, but of course, that is something that motivates us. Seeing them [Phillies] win it, seeing the Sixers start playing well, when they start playing well, and they will’ it’s a long season. But that motivated all of us. We’re excited.”


Whether the Eagles are feeling the pressure or not, bye week has come and gone. For Week 8, Philadelphia will host the Pittsburgh Steelers, as they hope to take their record to 7-0.

Kelce stated, “I think Nick [Sirianni] and the coaches are doing a good job in making sure guys are back in the right mind set, and feels good.” The veteran center doesn’t think it’ll be difficult for his teammates to get back into the swing of things.

“I don’t really think too much about standings and ranking at this point in the season. I’m really just focusing on trying to get better as a team, as a group.”

The Eagles recently traded for defensive end Robert Quinn who will likely play on Sunday. All of Philadelphia’s previously injured players will also return. The odds are in the Birds’ favor, which should make things interesting as they play on Sunday — the first break the Phillies get as they switch locations for games (Houston to Philadelphia).

There’s no doubt the city is on a roll right now. Kickoff for the Eagles begins at 1 PM, Sunday October 30.

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