Eagles: Remainder of season predictions and playoff contention

Posted on December 11, 2021 - Last Updated on December 12, 2021

The Philadelphia Eagles are on their bye week and are hoping to return with a vengeance as they prepare for the remainder of the season.

Coming off Week 13 with a win against the New York Jets, the Eagles are now 6-7 and still have a shot at the playoffs. Rather than another three weeks, the league agreed to add an additional game this season for the first time since 1978. Philadelphia will play their final four games against their NFC East rivals.

With the return of Jalen Hurts, Brandon Brooks, Miles Sanders, and Jordan Howard, it’s likely the Eagles’ offense will continue their rush attack as we enter the last month of the regular season.


December 19: Eagles vs. Washington Football Team

The Philadelphia Eagles have won one home game this season; however, they will return to the Linc after a much-needed break.

Washington is 6-6 (they play the Dallas Cowboys Sunday). Quarterback Taylor Heinicke has been playing well this season. He has 2,809 passing yards and 18 touchdowns, but he turned the ball over 11 times, giving players like Darius Slay opportunities to extend their playmaking.

Though the Football Team’s defense ranks third, they will be without Chase Young and Ryan Fitzpatrick. The weakness will allow the Eagles to build upon their run game as they are currently ranked No. 1 in the league after last week’s victory.

The Eagles will find success next week.

Prediction: Eagles, 24-17

December 26: Eagles vs. New York Giants

After a three-week hiatus, the Eagles and Giants will meet again — this time at home.

Philadelphia may have struggled to score, thrown three interceptions, and dropped important game-winning balls, but it definitely will not happen twice. The Eagles will now have an opportunity to make adjustments and pass less going into Week 16’s game.

The Eagles will win three games in a row, extending their record 8-7.

Prediction: Eagles, 31-14

January 2: Eagles at Washington Football Team 

Week 17 will be Philadelphia’s final away game of the 2021 regular season. The team will make their way south to Landover, Maryland, to battle it out with Washington again.

Both teams will be looking for a win as they are fighting for a playoff spot, but unfortunately, I don’t think the Eagles can win four in a row. Washington will make adjustments, and the Eagles come back home with a loss.

Prediction: Washington, 27-24

January 9: Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys

The schedule saved the best for last — the ultimate showdown to end the season. Philadelphia will play their final game at home against the Dallas Cowboys. After losing by 20 points earlier this year, the Eagles have found their identity since then, and it’s working.

Rather than a heavy pass game, Jalen Hurts, and the Eagles will find success in their run game. Taking possible injury out of the question, Philadelphia will have Sanders, Howard, Scott, and Gainwell to end the season with a bang.

I think the Cowboys enter this game a little too confident. Sirianni and Hurts get their first win against Dallas.

Prediction: Eagles, 24-21 


If Philadelphia wins three out of their last four games, the team will end the 2021 season 9-8.

Realistically, the Eagles wouldn’t win the division as the Cowboys would have to lose four of their last five remaining games.

However, playoffs are still feasible if the following occurs:

  • The Washington Football Team and Minnesota Vikings would have to lose two of their five remaining games.
  • The Panthers, Falcons, Saints, Bears, Seahawks, and Giants would have to lose one of their five remaining games.

It looks like the Eagles are entering another underdog season.

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