How do the Eagles fare in the Madden 23 rating leaks?

Posted on June 7, 2022

While EA’s Madden 23 isn’t set to release until Friday, Aug. 23, that hasn’t stopped the leaks that have swarmed Twitter over the past couple weeks.

Given the Eagles’ overhaul this offseason, it’s reasonable to expect they’ll be a better Madden team. And looking at the ratings for their players, both new and returning, confirms that thinking. As always, there are some reasons to be happy, and reasons to heavily disagree.

Remember, these leaks are unverified, so if some ratings seem off, there could be a reason behind that. But, getting an idea of how players shake out ahead of time can be of great help to you virtual GMs already planning out your next dynasty.

Jason Kelce, Darius Slay Lead The Way For The Birds

Jason Kelce comes in at 91, making him the highest center in the game. He also gets a superstar development trait. Given his accolades and seemingly ageless talent, this is extremely well deserved.

Darius Slay has an 89, which seemingly did not sit right with him. He has a very valid argument to make, considering he three interceptions (highest total since 2018) and allowed only a 58.8% competition percentage and 74.4 passer rating (down from 111.9 in 2020).

James Bradberry nabs an 86 mark, while newly-acquired star wide receiver A.J. Brown has an 88 overall rating, which feels about right considering his injury and stats last season. However, I do think he’s better than Amari Cooper, who’s ranked the same.

Last year, Brown was rated an 87 throughout the entire season. If Brown manages to put out a monster year with the Eagles like many are expecting, I think EA bumps up his rating well past 90.

Fletcher Cox comes in at 89, which to me feels way too high. Cox has always been one that you have to look past the stats to see his impacts, but in recent years, he’s become extremely disappointing (he had just 3.5 sacks in 2021). I’d put him at an 86 or 87.

DeVonta Smith earns an 84, three points below fellow 2021 first-rounder and former teammate Jaylen Waddle. Smith made a huge rise in his first year (he ranked 75 as a rookie), so there’s the potential for him to reach the high 80s by the end.

Jalen Hurts, Miles Sanders Come In Around Low 80s

Jalen Hurts earns an 82, which I think will see a jump throughout the season. Hurts will be much more likely to throw, boosting his passing ratings. That, in addition to his speed (89, fourth-best for a QB), makes him someone to watch.

Miles Sanders comes in with an 81, below backs like Cam Akers and Antonio Gibson. This is definitely a debatable one depending how much you love or hate Sanders, but I think it’s a fine rating. He’s struggled with injuries, and can be hit or miss when playing.

If the Eagles continue with the heavy run game plan in 2022 and Sanders can stay healthy, perhaps he gets a boost. But like in fantasy football, I think the Penn State product has finally hit his ceiling. If anything, I think he drops.

I will admit, some of the RB ratings seem a little off, especially with Cordarrelle Patterson coming in at 85. Yes, he had a fantastic year, but are we really putting a 31-year-old back who’s otherwise been average over nine seasons that high? Feels a bit much.

Who Are Some Of The Highest Rated Around The League?

In the 99 overall club, we have Patrick Mahomes, Cooper Kupp, and Devante Adams. Mahomes has earned the right to be 99 every year, and Kupp certainly deserves his status thanks to his 1,947 receiving yard performance.

Adams’ rating will be an interesting one to see play out. He certainly has the talent to be ranked in the high 90s, but I’m wondering if his output takes a significant dip after trading out Aaron Rodgers for Derek Carr.

Among the highest-rated running backs include Derrick Henry (97), Jonathon Taylor (96), and Nick Chubb (96). Some might be surprised or angry that Henry ranked above Taylor after a year where the latter rushed for 1,811 yards and 18 touchdowns.

But, Henry remains an unstoppable beast when healthy. Henry had rushed for 2,027 yards and 17 touchdowns in 2020, and was likely heading for an equal — or even greater — production in 2021 before his injury.

Yes, Taylor is the better speedster and all-around back, and could probably supplement Henry as RB1 before the season’s end. But EA isn’t at fault for thinking Henry suddenly fell off a cliff.

For wide receivers, Justin Jefferson, Tyreek Hill, and Stefon Diggs all comprise of 96, while Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady sit at 98. It’s even more remarkable when remembering their combine age adds up to 82.

It will be fun to see if any Eagles could see their stocks raise up high enough to join some of the players above. There’s no doubt a lot of players on the squad that, if everything breaks right, could warrant some boosts.

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