Sports Bettors Love When Eagles Play Meaningful Football, But Why?

Posted on November 19, 2021 - Last Updated on November 23, 2021

Bettors chuckle over the widespread realization that the Philadelphia Eagles play a Week 11 game that means something.

Because, to a sports bettor, every game means something.

It simply has more electricity for Eagles backers this week.  The Birds are at least in the NFC playoff discussion. Sure, they are 4-6, but a win over the New Orleans Saints Sunday would give them a head-to-head tiebreaker over one of the teams just ahead of them.

 The Eagles already have a triumph over the Carolina Panthers, who hold the last spot at 5-5.

Yes, the bets always mean something. This week they mean even more in Iggles World. This is a crossroads game. And the team is due to win one at home…

Betting on the Birds

Here are five betting considerations and enjoyment possibilities regarding the Eagles-Saints and the NFC East.

Watch Why Eagles Why

Something has changed in the weekly YouTube episode analyzing the “Iggles.” This team is starting to come around.  Pete Amato, Bill Gelman and myself assess tangible accomplishments by the Eagles and preview an exceptionally-important game against the New Orleans Saints.

You’ll want to see what the group says about Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, wide-receiver DeVonta Smith, the suddenly potent Eagles backfield and Big Play Slay.

What was Gelman’s Gold this week? Hint: it’s something in the 80’s.

Pete ponders the return of Miles Sanders and what it might do to the backfield chemistry of Jordan Howard, Boston Scott and Kenneth Gainwell. 

The key points of the Eagles are dissected in detail, along with games we want to see.

Have the Eagles teased their fans or are they ready to cross over into a middle of the pack team?

Watch The Props

Be careful about individual props for Eagles running backs this week. Yes, believe it or not, this is now the best rushing team in the entire NFC. But if Howard, Scott and a returning Miles Sanders divide carries, bettors will have trouble obtaining stats from any of them.

On Friday morning, DraftKings posted touchdown props and Sanders was not listed.

Howard is +1000 to tally first and +170 to score anytime.

Scott is +1400 to score first and +200 to score anytime.

On the other side of the ball, Alvin Kamara gets healthy respect on the betting board. He is listed as +650 to record the first touchdown and -105 as an anytime scorer.

The prop board provides an analytical tool about the game at large. Kamara missed the Saints’ 23-21 loss to the Tennessee Titans last week and his status was considered uncertain for this week. But he practiced Wednesday and is one of the shortest-priced touchdown scorers on the board.

That means figure Kamara into your projections about the game itself.

“Over” Indulge for the Fun

This is an enjoyable part of the gambling landscape and is especially enticing at DraftKings, which allows bettors to tease betting lines and over-under totals several points in either direction. 

Gamblers pay for it, of course, in reduced odds, but the tradeoff is an inducement to play games that look too tough to call.

Want some yuks for a couple bucks?

Here’s just one of many samples.

Take each game total down by a touchdown, maybe more, and select the over.

Here’s an NFC East package.

Dropping the Eagles and the Carolina Panthers-Washington Football Team game down to 37 points each is +103 at DraftKings.

Add the Dallas Cowboys-Kansas City Chiefs game going down to 48 from 56 and the New York Giants-Tampa Bay Buccaneers down to 40 from 49 and bet both of those overs.  The combo is +230 at DraftKings. 

Bettors need to hit all four games to cash that ticket and the odds will improve if you want to move the game by fewer points. One may not necessarily want to play these games exactly at these totals but the principle of adjusting the line makes some games playable.

History has shown that turbulence creeps into the parlays somewhere between the second and third game. It’s good to have a two-team parlay base and build out, whatever your preferences are on the total.

Either way, in a situation like this, it provides interest in an NFC East that already belongs to the Cowboys.

Don’t forget DeVonta

His DraftKings betting odds are attractive +125 to secure more than four receptions. Yes, the return of Sanders may encourage the Eagles to run the ball even more. But Smith is now playing like the Heisman Trophy winner the Eagles drafted in the opening round. For many weeks, the Eagles could not get him involved in the offense.

For the last two weeks, they have. The expectation of an Eagles ground assault has shoved the prices on Smith props into attractive range.

Sooner or later, some defensive teams are going to take away the Eagles’ run game. They are going to stuff eight defenders in the box and dare the Eagles to beat them through the air.

It seems logical that this is the week an opponent could try to do that. New Orleans has lost two straight and would love nothing better than to take away an Eagles strength.

This is where the numbers clash with individual interpretation, creating the edge gamblers find for themselves. 

A backer of Smith believes that Hurts and the Eagles may wish to keep feeding him now that he’s been re-discovered.

Besides yardage and reception props, Smith is +1000 to score first and +170 to hit the end zone at any time.

Get Right in On the Action

Can’t wait for the game and first-half totals?

Here’s a sample from Caesars providing action on both teams on the first possession.

The outcome of the first drive:


  • Punt -107
  • Touchdown +300
  • Field goal attempt +375
  • Turnover +475


  • Punt -111
  • Touchdown +320
  • Field goal attempt + 375
  • Turnover +470

The game, and the bets, have a little more excitement this week. Good luck cashing in!

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