Eagles to the Super Bowl this season? Why or why not?

Posted on August 30, 2022

This 2022 Philadelphia Eagles roster has given the media and fanbase the feeling that anything is possible. A tremendous offseason full of exciting moves breeds this feeling, and we are just as excited about this season as we were heading into 2017.

One could argue this upcoming season is more exciting. Some could argue that positivity means disaster is waiting to happen.

Today I’m going to look at two sides. Are the 2022 Philadelphia Eagles good enough to be a Super Bowl team?

Let’s talk about the reasons the Eagles could get to the Super Bowl this season and the reasons they could fail to reach it.

Why the Eagles WILL get to Super Bowl

Where do I begin? The potential up and down this Eagles 2022 depth chart is endless. In my 20-plus years of watching Eagles football, I cannot recall a more exciting offseason besides 2004 and 2017. The 2021 Eagles were a team that reached the postseason with significantly less talent from simple adjustments from Nick Sirianni.

Howie Roseman added talent to a roster with some playoff experience and smart moves at that. For the concerns about Jalen Hurts, he now has one of the best young duos in football at wide receiver with AJ Brown and Devonta Smith. He’s shown great chemistry with wide receivers and Dallas Goedert, and the bonds will only grow.

He has a running game that was #1 in rushing overall in 2021, which could very likely repeat that performance if used correctly. Jalen also has one of the best offensive lines in football with experience, some youth, and a ton of depth.

The Eagles have one of the few offensive lines that could actually withstand multiple injuries, but let’s hope those don’t happen.

Jonathan Gannon has more talent on his defense.

  • The Eagles added a reliable veteran cornerback opposite Darius Slay, which makes for a more intimidating secondary.
  • The front 7 has a plethora of run stoppers, pass rushers, and (finally) competent linebackers.
  • The most important thing is that the Eagles have been lucky during training camp and haven’t sustained major injuries.
  • The roster has great overall depth on the offensive and defensive lines and at wide receiver.

Let’s look outside of the Eagles for a moment.

The Cowboys have gotten worse (on paper), and the Commanders and Giants aren’t scary, so the NFC East is that much more attainable. Some good quarterbacks have left the NFC conference, weakening those teams.

  • The Rams are a big threat, but they have a powerhouse of a schedule.
  • The Buccaneers are threatening but have suffered serious offensive line injuries.
  • The Packers are a much less scary team after the first round of the playoffs.
  • The 49ers are starting a new quarterback and the Cardinals coach can’t finish the second half of a season.

The NFC is wide open for the Eagles. The Eagles 2022 schedule is one of the easiest in football, which could be huge in seeding in the NFC. That schedule could aid in crucial tiebreakers down the stretch, giving them a potential advantage over the teams listed above. If The Buccaneers or Rams were to get upset early, that could pave the way for a great run.

Former Eagles running back, LeSean McCoy thinks the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl:

Why the Eagles WILL NOT get to the Super Bowl

Being an Eagles fan means that sometimes we are constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop, as we often shower in pessimism and superstition.

Where this Eagles offseason was perfection on paper, what we see on paper doesn’t always translate to the field. Unfortunately, the 2011 Eagles exist as one of our biggest examples.

This 2022 team looks promising but has question marks. The number one question mark is the signal caller. I adore Jalen Hurts and his drive and believe he has a lot of raw talent. However, the team will go as far as he takes them.

  • Jalen’s downfield accuracy is still a concern, even with a better group of wide receivers.
  • His touchdown to interception ratio over two seasons leaves a lot to be desired, and his inconsistency with reading the field and decision-making are worrisome.
  • His presence in the pocket needs work, and he can’t just rely on his legs and athleticism.

Quarterback isn’t the only question mark because coaching has just as many concerns.

In 2021, the Eagles improved once they began running the football. This could hint that Nick Sirianni’s creativity with playcalling in the passing game could be limited.

I do believe that Jonathan Gannon is a bigger worry than Nick Sirianni.

He has not fully defined a scheme, and it could be argued that depending on multiple rookies (Dean, Davis) to make a difference on said defense is a tall order. Even though the Eagles have an easy schedule and could arguably be the favorite in their division, they could run into battle-tested and more experienced teams like the Bucs and Rams in the NFC if they do make it past the first round of the playoffs.

This could be a problem if they do not have the home-field advantage, and more tenured coaches could out-coach Sirianni and Gannon. There’s also the scary possibility that injuries could strike at any time, and the Eagles of all teams know how tough those can be to overcome.

Which side are you on?

Do you think the Philadelphia Eagles have a better chance of getting to Super Bowl LVII, or not getting close at all?

Check out the 2022 Eagles Super Bowl odds to see what the oddsmakers are saying.

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