What cities have the most annoying NFL fanbases & why?

Posted on August 16, 2022

Sports fandom never dies, and loyalty to a team can breed passionate behavior in a fanbase. Sometimes that passion turns to arrogance, obnoxiousness, and entitlement. If you throw alcohol into the mix, these negative traits are amplified even further.

With the season around the corner and fan excitement ready to ramp up, let’s look at three of the most annoying fanbases in the national football league. I’m sure we all have our own unique top three lists of the most annoying NFL fans, but here’s mine!

#3. Philadelphia Eagles Fans

Don’t hate me, but it’s true, and don’t lie Eagles fans… you love making this list!

The song “No one likes we don’t care” has never resonated with a fan base more. It’s no secret we wear everyone’s hate for us as a badge of honor, and for whatever reason, that really seems to annoy other fan bases. Although I chose to put Eagles fans on this list, I still believe Philly has the best and most passionate fan base in all the major sports leagues.

See, I even wrote about it last month.

The bright side of this ranking is that the majority of things that make Eagles fans annoying are super old.

  • We often hear about how Eagles fans threw snowballs at Santa Claus back in 1968. At the time, that was probably a mean thing to do even though the drunk man in the costume laughed it off later.
  • Michael Irvin’s injury in 1999 was also a pretty brutal moment
  • As was booing Donovan McNabb on draft day that same year.

If we fast forward to the modern-day, Eagles fans can be annoying in multiple ways. Besides being seen as aggressive and confrontational, Eagles fans’ superstition and “sky is falling” mindset can be frustrating to people in the fanbase as well as outsiders.

No fanbase is more afraid or unwelcoming of their very own blessings, which is strange considering the amount of success the team has had since 2000. Despite wanting the team to be praised by outsiders, outside praise is generally dismissed because it’s “too good to be true” or we respond with, “who cares what they think.”

One would even argue that the underdog and “Rocky” mentality have become a crutch by the fanbase, enabling negativity and said superstition.

#2. New England Patriots Fans

New England fans are annoying because their teams win. This isn’t their fault, but a lot of winning can turn a fanbase into a VERY entitled group of people. Any self-respecting NFL fan would love to have what their teams have accomplished, and they’re annoying because they’re so easy to envy.

The denial of special treatment received by referees and rules is infuriating, but New England fans will tell you they deserve said treatment. This fanbase has six super bowl championships and witnessed one of the greatest two-decade runs in sports history.

Somehow that breeds a “we deserve more” mentality? How? God forbid there’s a down season or a year or more between championships because you’ll hear them complain that they’re in a “title drought” or “haven’t won enough recently.”

You’ll hear them complain during said down season that they’re “suffering,” as if they have any idea what that truly is. One would argue winning would do this to any fanbases, but they’re the only team with six rings.

#1. Dallas Cowboys Fans

Was there even a question of who was #1 as the most annoying NFL fans?

The Dallas Cowboys fanbase is easily the most annoying in the National Football League. Go out to a sports bar with friends when the Cowboys are on primetime. I guarantee you that regardless of the fanbase, the patrons will be rooting against Dallas. It’s not just the Eagles fans who hate the Cowboys.

They’re all over the country, and it doesn’t matter if they’ve ever had an affiliation with the city of Dallas. Unfortunately, the ones who have never been to Dallas are the loudest and lack knowledge.

  • The younger Dallas fans display an incredible arrogance despite not actually remembering or being alive even, for any Super Bowl wins.
    • Forget SB wins; the young fans probably haven’t even witnessed a Cowboys playoff win, considering they’ve only had three of them in the last 25 years.
  • The older Dallas fans cling to history as if it makes up for over three decades of shortcomings.
    • It doesn’t matter if they haven’t won in nearly 30 years, because their fans remain equipped with nostalgia goggles.

When you try to have a respectful dialogue, they’re likely to demean anything you say by reminding you that their team has more Lombardi trophies than yours. Rings are always their default, and it’s generally a disguise for a lack of football knowledge.

They are generally hated by the 31 other fanbases due to said arrogance, and it’s why the Dallas Cowboy demise is consistently cheered on. Just look at who owns the team and you’ll understand why everyone hates their fans.

Do you agree or disagree? Who would make your top 3 in most annoying NFL fans?

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