7 KEI’S TO… Throwing A Successful Eagles Gameday Party

Posted on September 6, 2022

What is better than enjoying the Philadelphia Eagles with great friends and amazing eats? As great as gameday parties can be, there are plenty of mistakes that can derail the entire event. Let’s discuss ten ways your gameday party can be an unforgettable event while avoiding drama!

1. Don’t Invite Non-Sports Fans

This may sound a bit harsh, but it’s absolutely necessary. During a game, you’re locked in and focused, and you don’t want to spend 3 hours teaching the sport to someone who has no idea what is happening. I learned the hard way, it’s distracting, and it totally took away from my experience.

You don’t want to answer questions about why specific rules exist, what all the Eagles stats mean, who every single player is on the Eagles roster, what player positions are responsible for, and more. A non-sports fan will also judge any rowdy and passionate behavior. I heard “calm down” and “it’s just a game” from a non-sports fan to decide they are no longer welcome in my home during games.

How dare they! I love sports, so leave me alone!

2. Don’t Invite People You Dislike

This is a big one, and implementing this rule could avoid gameday fights. Games are best enjoyed with like-minded individuals who not only understand the sport but won’t bring the drama. That family member you have drama with is an awful choice, as you may spend more time arguing than focusing on the game.

Who the heck wants tension while football is on when our teams stress us out enough? The Cowboys fan co-worker who constantly yells “5 rings” and “Dak attack” and lacks sports knowledge is an awful choice too. If you do invite a fan of a division rival, make sure it’s one you can tolerate because you’ll be spending three or more hours with them.

It’s also best to invite groups of fans that you know will get along with each other. Smack talk is great, but it takes one wrong person to ruin it for everyone.

3. Be Smart With Food

When it comes to food, gameday is not the time to overthink. It’s best received if you order food that is widely liked. You may love sushi, but gameday isn’t the day for it. Your best bet to make everyone happy is with foods like subs, wings, pizza, tacos, burgers, nachos, dips, and various finger foods.

Foods that are easy to eat and don’t require utensils are your best bet. It’s also smart to know the dietary needs of guests that may be attending, which means that one of your pizzas could be a vegetarian one, and you may consider a veggie tray as well. Order more food than you think you may need because running out of food is much worse than having leftovers.

Who wants to miss the game making a food run, or wait an absurdly long time for food delivery on an NFL Sunday? It’s also very important to have food ready at the start of the party so no one has to wait to eat.

Do not think that you have to do everything. Hosting is exhausting! It’s totally okay to ask others to provide sides, dishes, etc.

4. Being Festive Is Fun

Football-based games, decorations, and themes are so much fun and enrich the experience. Encourage your guests to wear their favorite team’s shirts or jerseys and let everyone display their fandom. Throw together NFL-themed cocktails and food based on players.

Start a game of NFL gameday bingo before kickoff. A game of cornhole outside is a great time if the weather permits it. These activities will come in handy if the game ends up being a blowout.

5. Clean Up As You Go

Be strategic about when you straighten up. Use that halftime and commercial time wisely! Use that time to wrap up any food that is no longer being eaten or pick up stray cups and soda cans.

Using paper cups, plates, and utensils will also ease your burden as throwing things away is easier than washing a million dishes. By the time everyone leaves, you’ll thank yourself and have much less to do!

6. Make Sure There Is Enough Seating

There is nothing worse than attending a gameday party, and there isn’t enough seating or your view is obstructed. Put out extra chairs, and ensure those chairs have a good view of the game. Don’t invite more people than the seating you can actually provide, because then it will be a bad experience for some of your guests.

7. When The Party Is Over, IT’S OVER

Depending on the outcome of the Eagles game, you may not want guests to hang around after! Who wants to entertain stragglers after a loss? No one. To add insult to injury, it’s possible drinks were flowing and people have to work the next morning. Once the party is over, wind down and reflect.

Enjoy planning fantastic gameday parties this season, and go birds.

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