Ranking The Top 10 Worst Philadelphia Eagles Losses

The biggest heartbreaks since the year 2000

With a Lombardi trophy in our pocket, it’ll be a little less painful to go down this rabbit hole.  But as Philadelphia fans, it’s our job to agonize over all the times we’ve been let down by our teams. So, let’s do it!

Today we’re looking at the 10 worst Philadelphia Eagles losses since 2000.

I know many of you haven’t fully recovered from a few of these choices, so feel free to grab a tissue or two.

Top 10 Philadelphia Eagles Worst Losses (2000’s Era)

Games like these shape our fandom, ultimately build character and make great moments more enjoyable.

10. Seahawks 42, Eagles 0 (2005)

Did the Eagles even realize there was a game that night? Flashbacks of Lofa Tatupu have never gone away, along with a night of punts and turnovers for the Eagles roster on offense. If it wasn’t enough for the Eagles to get totally dominated, it was the icing on the cake of an awful Super Bowl hangover season.

The worst part? It was a primetime game.

9. Bucs, 23, Eagles 21 (2006)

This game remains one of the biggest teases in Eagles’ history. We even had horrible flashbacks from 2002 when Donovan McNabb, who is arguably the best Eagles Quarterback of all time, threw a pick-six to Ronde Barber.

The game, in which the Eagles were favored, was all Tampa Bay for most of three quarters.

  • They lead 17-0 late in the 3rd quarter.
  • The Eagles would score three touchdowns late, taking a 21-20 lead with 33 seconds remaining.
  • The Buccaneers received good field position, gained nearly 30 yards, then ripped our hearts out with a 62-yard Matt Bryant field goal.

At least it was only a regular season game, and the sports gods did pay it forward in 2017.

8. Bengals 13, Eagles 13 (2008)

Have you heard the joke about ties existing? Eagles fans have, about a million times since 2008. The Bengals vs Eagles matchup was the definition of “ugly football.”

  • The Eagles and Bengals punted 21 times combined, and McNabb threw 3 interceptions and fumbled once.
  • Shayne Graham’s kick went wide-right for the Bengals in overtime, ending the game in a tie.
  • The salt on the wound in Eagles’ postgame was McNabb stating that he didn’t know ties existed.

7. Giants 16, Eagles 3 (2007)

This was the game that made Eagles fans hate Osi Umenyiora. What is worse, the fact that Winston Justice gave up 6 sacks or that the entire country got to see it in primetime?

Even more brutal is Andy Reid making zero adjustments, leaving Justice out there to dry. The Eagles were dominated and looked lost on offense except for Correll Buckhalter, who rushed for 100 yards in a loss.

6. Vikings 24, Eagles 14 (2010)

This game had the recipe for a letdown after an emotional comeback against the Giants the week prior. Yes, I’m referring to the Desean Jackson’s “Miracle at the Meadowlands II” (or III depending on how old you are).

Anyway, A blizzard ruined a 1 PM start, pushing this game to Tuesday night. Heavily favored, the Eagles laid an egg in primetime. Michael Vick turned it over three times, and the Vikings capitalized with 100-yard performances by Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin.

Contrary to popular belief, Joe Webb wasn’t the star of this game, but he made zero mistakes and managed it. This loss was brutal for the Eagles, as they gave away the 2-seed to the Chicago Bears, forcing them to play the Green Bay Packers in the wild-card round.

5. Cowboys 34, Eagles 14 (2009 Playoffs)

This loss started with the infamous Donovan McNabb air guitar and ended in utter embarrassment.

The Eagles came into this game with an open wound.

  • They had been dominated the week prior by Dallas, losing the NFC East.
  • McNabb turned it over twice and the Eagles’ defense could not stop Tony Romo and Felix Jones.
  • A 27-point Cowboys 2nd quarter put the nail in the Eagles’ coffin, and Andy Reid was criticized for a lack of adjustments two weeks in a row.

Eagles fans had to sit on back-to-back blowouts to the Cowboys to end their season.

4. Cardinals 32, Eagles 25 (2008 Playoffs)

The Eagles were lucky to be in this title game and made the playoffs on the last day of the season with massive help. This loss stings because they still could have won.

  • The Cardinals would dominate the 1st half, but it was all Birds in the 2nd half.
  • With 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter, McNabb’s 62-yard bomb to DeSean Jackson gave the Eagles a 25-24 lead.
  • The Cardinals responded with an 8-minute clock-draining drive to take a 32-25 lead.
  • The Eagles would make it into Cardinals territory, but four straight incompletions ended the Eagles’ season.

Kevin Curtis was interfered with and Eagles fans will die on that hill!

3. Panthers 14, Eagles 3 (2003 Playoffs)

This loss still stings, so I’m not even going to acknowledge Ricky Manning Jr, the recipient of multiple McNabb interceptions. Ugh.

  • After two straight title game losses, this was a punch in the gut and a brutal day of watching McNabb and the Eagles’ receivers do absolutely nothing.
  • The worst part is that Jake Delhomme and the Carolina Panthers’ offense were incredibly mediocre, and the Eagles let them off the hook.

The aftermath of this title game loss was one of the worst in the McNabb/Reid era. Eagles fans were convinced their time would never come, and the team was cursed.

2. Buccaneers 27, Eagles 10 (2002 Playoffs)

When Brian Mitchell returned the opening kickoff for 70 yards, it felt like the Eagles were on their way to the Super Bowl. But as we all know, that was not the case.

The Buccaneers destroyed the “dome team/cold weather” narrative as Brad Johnson outplayed McNabb. Yes, you heard me right… Brad Johnson, who also went on to win the whole friggin thing.

The Buccaneers’ defense held the Eagles to only 3 more points and forced 3 McNabb turnovers. Remember when I mentioned a “flashback” earlier on? Yeah, the Ronde Barber pick-six is arguably one of the worst “nail in the coffin” moments in Eagles history.

Sadly, it is likely the Eagles would have probably matched up well with the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII.

1. Patriots 24, Eagles 21 (Super Bowl 39)

It’s a no-brainer that this is #1 on the list of the Philadelphia Eagles worst losses since 2000. Although we eventually avenged this loss with a Super Bowl 52 victory, losing Super Bowl 39 to Tom Brady and the patriots in 2004 still makes my stomach turn.

With McNabb’s three interceptions (one was LJ Smith’s fault), an Eagles defensive fumble recovery getting overturned, and the lack of a hurry-up offense late, this game was a story of missed opportunities.

Terrell Owens was really the only positive in the game, dominating in a heroic fashion, catching nine passes for 122 yards, just weeks after suffering a broken leg. Fans still wonder what would have happened if Terrell Owens had been fully healthy.

To make matters worse, we then find out that the Patriots are a bunch of lying cheaters.

This game is #1 because it was a culmination of a McNabb/Reid era never able to get over that hump. It’s also a reminder that they should have gotten at least one championship together. If that’s not enough, the aftermath of a horrible 2005 season and the McNabb and TO saga ending badly adds to this loss.


If one thing is certain in Philadelphia fandom, there will be more heartbreaks.

  • Do you agree with my list of the top 10 Philadelphia Eagles worst losses since the year 2000?
  • What would you have done differently?

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