World’s most valuable sports teams: where do the Eagles rank?

Posted on May 9, 2021

Over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic caused an economic collapse for many businesses, sports included. Seasons were shortened, venues were closed, and the spirits of both players and fans were weakened.

But the same can’t be said for sports franchise owners. In fact, the average worth of the 50 most valuable sports teams in the world increased 9.9% from last year. From five years ago, it grew 55%.

This year, the Philadelphia Eagles rank as the 21st most valuable team globally, at $3.4 billion.

Top 25 Most Valuable Sports Teams in the World

  1. Dallas Cowboys (NFL) — $5.7 billion
  2. New York Yankees (MLB) — $5.25 billion
  3. New York Knicks (NBA) — $5 billion
  4. Barcelona (Soccer) — $4.76 billion
  5. Real Madrid (Soccer) — $4.75 billion
  6. Golden State Warriors (NBA) — $4.7 billion
  7. Los Angeles Lakers (NBA) — $4.6 billion
  8. New England Patriots (NFL) — $4.4 billion
  9. New York Giants (NFL) — $4.3 billion
  10. Bayern Munich (Soccer) — $4.21 billion
  11. Manchester United (Soccer) — $4.2 billion
  12. Liverpool (Soccer) — $4.1 billion
  13. Los Angeles Rams (NFL) and Manchester City (Soccer) — $4 billion
  14. San Francisco 49ers (NFL) — $3.8 billion
  15. Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB) — $3.57 billion
  16. New York Jets (NFL) — $3.55 billion
  17. Chicago Bears (NFL) — $3.53 billion
  18. Washington Football Team (NFL) — $3.5 billion
  19. Boston Red Sox (MLB) — $3.47 billion
  20. Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) — $3.4 billion
  21. Chicago Cubs (MLB) — $3.36 billion
  22. Houston Texans (NFL) and Chicago Bulls (NBA) — $3.3 billion
  23. Denver Broncos (NFL) — $3.2 billion


The Philadelphia Eagles were created in 1933, but it wasn’t until six decades later that Jeffrey Lurie took ownership of the team. After he could not obtain the New England Patriots, Lurie purchased the Eagles from Norman Braman in 1994 for $185 million.

Since the creation of the NFC East in 1970, the Eagles won the NFC East twice until Lurie came along, winning nine conference championships. Under Lurie, Philadelphia also won five divisional playoffs, made two Super Bowl appearances (both against the Patriots), and won one Super Bowl title.

Given the success, the Eagles’ current value is their highest in franchise history. Despite the ongoing pandemic, it increased 11% since last year, the largest one-year change in value among U.S. franchises (also shared by the New York Jets and the Seattle Seahawks).


In the NFL alone, Philadelphia lands at #9, ranking last among teams in the NFC East.

Top 10 Most Valuable NFL Teams

  1. Dallas Cowboys — $5.7 billion
  2. New England Patriots — $4.4 billion
  3. New York Giants — $4.3 billion
  4. Los Angeles Rams — $4 billion
  5. San Francisco 49ers — $3.8 billion
  6. New York Jets — $3.55 billion
  7. Chicago Bears — $3.53 billion
  8. Washington Football Team — $3.5 billion
  9. Philadelphia Eagles — $3.4 billion
  10. Houston Texans — $3.3 billion

With the potential allowance of fans welcomed back to games this coming season, it’s likely revenue will continue to increase.

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