Iggles.com Week 2 Hungry Dog of the Game

Posted on September 21, 2022

On Monday Night Football, the Philadelphia Eagles shined. A dominant effort was shown over their opponent for the second straight week, leaving the fanbase and media buzzing with excitement.

Let’s look at what player or coach wins the Iggles.com Hungry Dog of the Week and who got themself stuck in the doghouse. I’ll also be predicting the best and worst performers in the Eagles’ upcoming matchup with the Washington Commanders.

Week 2 Hungry Dog, Vikings at Eagles Pick

Yes, I’m going to cheat and pick two hungry dogs from the Eagles roster. I make the rules here!

For the second week in a row, Jalen Hurts is a top performer. Jalen delivered a stat line to die for, with 333 yards, 1 passing touchdown, two rushing touchdowns, and an interception that Kenny Gainwell was responsible for.

He showed off his athleticism on the ground with 57 rushing yards to boot and stood tall in the pocket. He delivered accurate passes all night long and spread the ball around to 8 different receivers. Dallas Goedert, DeVonta Smith, AJ. Brown, and Quez Watkins all had at least 69 (nice) yards or more.

Jalen’s highlight of the night was a 53-yard touchdown bomb to Quez Watkins, delivered right on the nose. It’s possible his night could have ended closer to 400 passing yards, as he had a great throw by Goedert dropped and several throws called back by penalties.

Jalen is playing with confidence and leadership that can bode well against any opponent, and hopefully extend his future in Philadelphia. Dare I say the words “franchise quarterback?”

Darius Slay is my second hungry dog. He was sensational, arguably delivering his best game as a pro at cornerback at age 31. The Eagles’ defensive backs made Justin Jefferson a complete non-factor, who was the biggest concern coming into the matchup.

  • While covered by Slay, Jefferson caught 1 pass for 7 yards.
  • He defended five passes and picked off Kirk Cousins twice, both interceptions in the red zone.
  • He nearly got his hands on two more and showed the world that even at his age, he’s still a top cornerback in this league.

Honorable mentions go to Jonathan Gannon for calling a phenomenal game on defense and James Bradberry for making Adam Thielen a non-factor. The vaunted Vikings offense would only score 7 points, and Kirk Cousins lived up to his prime-time reputation.

Week 2 Bird in the Doghouse, Vikings at Eagles Pick

In a game that was nearly perfect for the Eagles, it was tough to pick a doghouse dud. My doghouse dud is the Eagles’ lack of discipline.

  • Where the Eagles’ offense moved the ball at will, a lot of points were left on the board.
  • The drives that stalled were a symptom of penalties, with 6 of 8 committed by the offensive line.
  • Some of the ineligible player downfield penalties could be debated as questionable, but points cannot be left on the field against tougher opponents, or in the postseason.

An honorable mention for doghouse dud is the performance of the Eagles’ special teams unit. Punt and kickoff return yardage was abysmal and a blocked Eagles’ field goal nearly shifted momentum back to the Vikings.

Week 3 Hungry Dog Prediction, Eagles at Commanders

Through two weeks of play, the Washington Commanders’ defense is a unit full of question marks. The unit ranks 27th in yards and points allowed, and they’ve allowed more plays of 40 yards or more than any team through two games as a team.

They are still missing their starting safety in Kamren Curl and defensive end Chase Young, and the secondary and pass rush have suffered tremendously.

My hungry dog prediction for the Eagles in week 3 is AJ Brown.

  • The Commanders’ secondary allowed 117 yards to Christian Kirk in week 1, and 116 yards TO Amon-Ra St. Brown in week 2.
  • The Jaguars and Lions pass catchers were able to manage over 10 yards a reception.

This is a great matchup for AJ Brown.

If the Washington pass rushers do not pressure Jalen Hurts, AJ Brown will have a field day because he will win the matchup against the Commanders’ defensive backs with ease. An honorable mention for the hungry dog is Miles Sanders, who had 96 rushing yards against Detroit and 80 against Minnesota. The Commanders have also been weak against the run.

Week 3 Bird in the Doghouse Prediction, Eagles at Commanders

The Washington Commanders may play poor defense, but their offense is 7th in yards per game and 8th in points scored, so they can move the ball. Carson Wentz is 2nd in passing yards and tied for 1st in touchdown passes, so he’s the catalyst for that offense to get going.

While I have faith in the Eagles’ defensive backs to make an impact, my fear lies within the defensive line. There’s potential, but through two games the pass rush has been inconsistent. My bird in the doghouse prediction for the Eagles in week 3 is Haason Reddick.

This isn’t even a knock on his talent, but my fear is that Jonathan Gannon drops him into coverage as he did in both games. This unfortunately means that his talents won’t be used where they should be, the pass rush.

Not having that extra help could hurt the Eagles, and give Carson Wentz more time. Don’t drop him into coverage, Gannon. PLEASE DON’T.

  • Do you agree or disagree?
  • Who would be your hungry dog and doghouse picks for the Vikings at Eagles?
  • Who would you pick going into the week 3 rivalry against the Commanders?
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