Trade rumors: Russell Wilson to the Eagles

Posted on February 13, 2022

Earlier this week, Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated predicted that Russell Wilson would be making a move this offseason. The move — likely East, stating that Philadelphia could be his destination.

Breer stated, “If I had to guess, I’d say he’ll [Wilson] eventually get moved. Ang I’d have said that destination was going to be the Saints a month ago. Now that Sean Payton’s gone, let’s put him in the NFC East…to the Eagles. In a way, it’d be a sort of redemptive move for Howie Roseman, who was part of a front office that planned to take Wilson in the third round in 2012, only to have Seattle scoop him up earlier in the round.”

The question is, does Breer’s statement have any truth to it?

Just a few months ago Breer stated Wilson would be making his way to the NFC East, but for another team — the New York Giants. At this point, no one knows, but NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport stated he wouldn’t rule out a Wilson trade.

The Eagles do have ten draft picks in the upcoming NFL Draft, including three first-round selections so the trade wouldn’t be impossible for Philadelphia. However, the price will certainly be much higher than a few draft picks, leaving fans wondering if it’s worth the trouble.

According to Jeff McLane there still remains “legitimate concern” over Jalen Hurts and Howie Roseman would not be prudent if he did not “explore the possibility of acquiring a big-name quarterback.”

The second-year quarterback had a rough start to the 2021 season, gaining momentum midway through. Though Hurts has areas to work on, his year wasn’t terrible. The 23-year-old completed 3,144 passing yards and 16 touchdowns for a 61.3 completion percentage. Wilson, ten years Hurts’ elder completed 3,113 passing yards and 25 touchdowns for a 64.8 completion percentage.

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