The road ahead: Predicting the Eagles’ final eight games

Posted on November 15, 2020

As we begin the half-point in the season, the Eagles are quite the mystery. They’ve shown stretches of horrible play, but they’re one game away from having a .500 record.

The schedule only gets tough from here: There’s a 5 week stretch where the Eagles will face off against three division leading teams and two potential wild-card teams.

At least it’ll give us an opportunity to see if the Eagles are who we thought they are, or whether they still have some juice in them to make a playoff run. Without further adu, let’s get to the predictions.

Week 10: @ New York Giants

The Giants seem to be much better than their 2-7 record suggests. They almost eaked out a win against the Eagles a few weeks ago (thanks Evan Engram!) and pulled out a crucial win against Washington.

This game is probably a tossup, honestly. At one point or another in all their divisional games, the Eagles have looked like the worst team. That likely isn’t to change in this one.

Still, you can’t ignore the facts: the Birds are 8-0 vs Big Blue since 2016. They dominate New York. And when looking at the rest of the schedule, this equates to a must-win. Hopefully the Eagles realize this and come to play.

Giants 21, Eagles 24

Week 11: @ Cleveland Browns

These aren’t your 1990-2019 Browns. Cleveland is looking pretty with a 5-3 record in a tough NFC North. They’ve lost Odell Beckham for the season, but they’ll still have weapons like Jarvis Landry, Kareem Hunt, and Nick Chubb.

Even though they’re likely to be 6-3 by the time this matchup occurs, the Browns are by no means heavyweights. This this will be a close game to the end.

As much as I want to say it’s a victory, the Browns are going to play just well enough to get their first win versus the Eagles since 1994.

Eagles 17, Browns 24

Week 12: Vs Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have used the Eagles as a punching bag for the past half decade. Is this the game Philly finally stands up and stops the abuse?

The anwer is likely a painful no.

The Seahawks’ offense is just too potent for the Eagles to stop. A combination of D.K. Metcalf (Who will forever be known as the guy the Eagles passed over) and Tyler Lockett will give Slay and Mills a run for their money.

Plus, there’s that Russell Wilson guy.

The Seahawks defense is, on paper, exploitable. They’ve given up double-digit points in every single one of their games. But they’re also a team that gets a lot of sacks (19 so far) and turnovers (eight forced fumbles, five fumble recovers, nine interceptions).

A defense like that is terrifying when matching up against a carefree QB like Wentz. One step out of the pocket could mean instant death.

Side note: maybe seeing Metcalf play will finally help Howie Roseman realize bigger wide receivers might be the way to go.

Seahawks 35, Eagles 21

(AP Photo/Chris Szagola)

Week 13: @ Green Bay Packers

Even at 36, Aaron Rodgers is still producing at an MVP level. Through eight games, Rodgers has 24 touchdowns versus two interceptions. Meanwhile, Devonte Adams has put up five touchdowns in the last three games.

The Packers aren’t invincible, however. Beyond Adams, their receiving core is lacking. Their defense, like the Seahawks, has given up a fair number of points to lesser opponents.

The last time the Eagles faced the Packers, back in 2019, they pulled off a huge victory thanks to Jordan Hicks picking off Rodgers in final seconds.

I think they do it again. They’re due for a big win, even in 2020.

Eagles 31, Packers 28

Week 14: Vs New Orleans Saints

Another week, another ancient quarterback. The 41-year-old Drew Brees just had his best game of the season, throwing four touchdowns against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Alvin Kamara is his usual dominate self, and Michael Thomas has finally returned.

Perhaps it won’t be like the blowout of 2018, but the Eagles need to be prepared for a challenging offensive attack. Unfortuantely, I don’t see the Birds getting it done- Beating two NFC contenders two weeks in a row is a tall task, and this team is too inconsistent to get that done.

Saints 24, Eagles 13

Week 15: @ Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals could potentially face off against the Eagles on Wild Card Weekend if they end up as the fifth seed in the NFC. Seeing an opponent up close is always valuable regardless of the outcome.

Kyler Murray is playing out of his mind, and dual-threat QBs always seem to have their way with the Birds.

This could be a Ravens-type game: ‘Zona gets out to a big lead, the Eagles claw their way back, and fall short. Although I don’t think it’ll be close in the end.

Eagles 17, Cardinals 30

Week 16: @ Dallas Cowboys

The Eagles should be favored in this one, and should win. But given the nature of this team, games that should be wins will turn into losses.

Gilbert should be Dallas’ man going forward- He’s shown much more than Dalton in less action. In addition, this long-time rivarly always seems like it’s split every year.

Not to mention, it wouldn’t quite an Eagles season if they didn’t keep the division title up in the air until the final week. Dallas manages to pull this one out, but Philadelphia remains in the division lead thanks to their tie.

Eagles 27, Cowboys 29

Week 17: Vs Washington

After Kyle Allen’s season-ending surgery, it’s anyone’s guess as to who will be WFT’s starting quarterback by the end of the season. Neither Dwayne Haskins nor Alex Smith are intimidating… but Haskins did beat the Eagles already.

This game has all the makings of a tight, come-from-behind, one touchdown victory for the Birds. They’ve conquered their hated rivals and are officially kings of the dumpster fire. The playoff streak is extended. Huzzah!

Washington 21, Eagles 28

Final Record: 6-9-1

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