Report: Many players believe Jalen Hurts is a franchise quarterback

Posted on August 17, 2021

According to ESPN analyst Jordan Schultz, there is a growing belief among Eagles players that Jalen Hurts is the franchise quarterback. Schultz also explains that these players are blown away by his work ethic and skills:

Reports of Hurts’ dedication to improving have been well documented. Jalen Reagor recently commented that Hurts would come up to him at random times and quiz him on things such as routes.

Hurts work ethic seems to be paying off on the field. He had a decent showing during the Eagles’ preseason game versus the Steelers, and reporters have been praising how the young player has looked during the ongoing joint training camp with the Patriots.

There’s still many areas with Hurts needs to improve on, however. While his legs have boosted his playmaking ability, his throwing is still a work in progress. But it seems that Hurts has made a solid impression on his teammates.

This Report Is What The Eagles Need Heading Forward

It’s hard not to be overjoyed with these kinds of reports coming out. There have been many questioning whether Hurts has the ability to become the franchise QB the Eagles desperately need. If nothing else, this shows Hurts is giving it his all.

It’s also worth noting that the players are the ones who have this sentiment, not the fans, coaches, or front office. This is important because Carson Wentz never seemed to have full trust of the locker room. That wasn’t the cause of his downfall in Philadelphia, but it certainly helps to have others backing you up.

Of course, it’s easy to say a player looks great now, when games don’t matter. A string of bad performances can certainly change how you look at someone, even if they’re a strong leader.

For now, the hype around Hurts will continue to grow as we move closer towards the season.

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