Playoff clinching scenarios: How Eagles, others can lock up playoff spots

Posted on December 21, 2022

If they play their cards right, the Eagles just might be giving you an early Christmas present: the #1 seed, which comes with a sweet bye and home field advantage.

While the QB situation is currently up in the air, that doesn’t change the fact that the Eagles are in a very good position of locking down their playoff seeding early so that they can rest their starters properly over the last few weeks.

But, what needs to go down for them to walk away knowing they’ve done the best they can during the regular season? And where does another NFC East rival stand? Let’s find out:

For The Eagles: Win And You’re In

Yes, it’s that simple. By moving to 14-1 over a second victory against the Cowboys, the Eagles will take home the NFC East title and the #1 seed. That should hopefully give the team quite a bit of extra motivation, even with their MVP possibly out.

The Eagles could also clinch the NFC East with a tie against Dallas, though that doesn’t give them the #1 seed. They would still be the top seed, however, if the Vikings lose to the Giants.

Giants Need A Win And Some Extra Help

The Cowboys have already clinched their playoff spot, so the next East team up to bat are the Giants.

Unfortunately for them, they don’t have as easy a path as the Birds. New York needs one of three scenarios to occur:

  • Giants win + Lions loss + Seahawks loss
  • Giants win + Lions loss + Commanders loss
  • Giants win + Seahawks loss + Commanders loss

A Giants win alone will be a tough get, even with them going up against the (fraudulent) Vikings. They’ve shown they have the firepower to utterly dominate (as long as you don’t give up a 33 point lead, I guess).

The Lions are set to take on the Panthers, and considering how unstoppable Detroit has been of late, I can’t imagine them dropping that game, even as the away team.

The clearest and most probable path, then, lies with the Seahawks and Commanders, who are set to take on the Chiefs and 49ers, respectively. Both San Francisco and Kansas City are heavily favored, and are at home to boot.

In all honesty, Eagles fans should be rooting for the Giants to make the playoffs. They’re probably one of the least frightening teams they’d have to potentially face, while the potential for an upset feels way lower than any other matchup.

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