Per Report: Eagles want a return of the No. 0 jersey

Posted on March 2, 2023

While the league is trying to put a stop to the Eagles’ “tush push”, Philadelphia is doing their part to reverse a rule as well. The rule is much less intense, but would give players slightly more freedom in what they wear.

This week, the Philadelphia Eagles submitted a proposal asking that players be allowed to wear the No. 0 jersey. The report was released by The Athletic.


The Eagles’ idea for the No. 0 jersey wasn’t original. Dating back to 1952, the number appeared on some jerseys, with Kansas City Chiefs running back Phil White wearing it first. No. 0 was also made prominent when Las Vegas Raiders’ center Jim Otto wore it over the course of 14 seasons.

In 1973, the league banned players from wearing No. 0 or No. 00 during a regular-season. The rule thus permitted players from choosing between number 1-99 with quarterbacks being the sole players choosing single-digit jersey numbers. In 2021, that rule was then changed, allowing wide receivers, running backs, linebackers, and defensive backs to don those jerseys as well.

The Eagles’ proposal only includes No. 0, not No. 00.

The decision will now lie with the NFL’s competition committee, who will discuss the proposal this week.  They will also discuss making “roughing the passer” reviewable, an alternative onside kick, and having a third quarterback on roster.

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