Orlovsky: “If you’re Dallas, the Eagles are a team you don’t wanna see”

Posted on November 25, 2021

The Eagles’ recent performances have caught the attention of both fans and experts alike. ESPN NFL Live analyst and former quarterback Dan Orlovsky expressed that the Eagles are up there with the best offenses in the league due to their ability to run the ball productively.

Orlovsky also stated that Philadelphia is suddenly a team that no one — especially their greatest rival —would want to have to play come January in a tight playoff showdown.

“I honestly feel confident saying this, they’re a team you don’t want to play. Dallas, directly to you, they’re a team you don’t want in the playoffs. Think about the Eagles in the way they’re constructed. The Dallas Cowboys’ strength is their offensive line. The Philadelphia Eagles’ strength is their defensive line. Now the Eagles’ strength [is] their offensive line. The Cowboys strength [is] their defensive line. You’re talking about a team that can kinda minimize the strength of the Dallas Cowboys.”

Orlovsky did say he expects Dallas to eventually win the NFC East, and that Philadelphia would be more attached to teams like Atlanta, Minnesota, and Carolina in the fight for the final playoff spot.

Eagles Have An Easy Path To The Playoffs

There’s no guarantee that the Eagles do make the playoffs — they still sit at 5-6 — but things are definitely trending in the right direction. Philadelphia has the easiest remaining strength of schedule (SOS) in the NFL, with games against the New York Giants (3-7,) New York Jets (2-8), and Washington (4-6) coming up.

So, should Dallas be worried? After all, they did hand the Eagles a 41-21 beatdown back in September. The Cowboys are still the better all-around team, but they’ll be definitely be challenged by the surging, new-look Birds.

We’ll have to wait till Week 18 to see how the two teams do against each other – and even then, the Eagles might have the edge if the Cowboys rest up their players in anticipation for the playoffs.

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