Philadelphia Eagles Players that would make great heroes in the Marvel Universe

Posted on June 29, 2022

Brian Dawkins is one of the most beloved Eagles players of all time, who we often referred to as “weapon X.” Growing up, Dawkins was a huge fan of Wolverine and the X-man series, and recorded the cartoons religiously.

As he got into football, he channeled his energy on the field and even related to Wolverine as a person. He once said that he and Wolverine shared a trait of an uncontrollable temper and that neither ever hold back.

Recently he collaborated with Marvel and shares the cover with Wolverine in a limited edition comic book series for the first time. Artis Carlos Pacheco is responsible for this masterpiece. Inspired by this, we’re looking at five current Philadelphia Eagles players and the Marvel Characters they are the most comparable to.

Jason Kelce: Thormarvel-eagles-superhero-kelce-cox-lane

Think “Endgame” Thor, when he had a dad bod. Having experienced the end of the Andy Reid era, Chip Kelly era, and finally a Super Bowl, Jason Kelce has exhibited courage and resilience. These are two of Thor’s biggest qualities.

Thor also has superhuman strength and speed, and one can argue that Kelce does too.

  • He holds off defenders at ease at the line and downfield as he paves the way for running backs.
  • In his 30s he’s still able to keep pace running down the field as he creates space for his teammates.

Two of Thor’s greatest powers are invulnerability and regenerative healing factor.

  • In his 10 seasons as the Philadelphia Eagles center, Kelce has started every game in 8 of those seasons, so he’s stayed relatively healthy and durable.

Thor and Kelce also share a tremendous sense of humor, adding comic relief in their respective situations. Can we also be honest and admit that he would look totally cool in Thor’s getup, wielding Mjolnir?

Lane Johnson: Captain America

Lane Johnson is a rock for his teammates, dependable, loyal, and a natural leader, as is Captain America (Steve Rogers).

Like Captain America, Johnson fights through adversity with dedication and compassion. They manage hard times with dignity.

  • Captain America dealt with loss and rough moments from a military background.
  • Lane battled a struggle with anxiety.

Physically, both men are strong, agile, and have great stamina. Two of Captain America’s best qualities are enhanced reflexes and shield mastery.

  • Lane Johnson has incredible reflexes, part of why his blocking is top in the NFL.
  • He’s been an incredible human shield for every quarterback he’s had to protect.

Captain America is a martial artist, and Lane Johnson enjoys and builds strength with martial arts workouts. I’d love to see Lane Johnson line up at tackle with Captain America’s shield. Who would stand a chance?

Jalen Hurts: Black Pantherjalen-hurts-eagles-black-panther-marvel

This one was obvious, but who else can Jalen Hurts be compared to? Black Panther is a beacon of strength, endurance, and courage. Jalen Hurts has these things, in addition to the calm, dignified, and regal personality the Black Panther possesses.

Both are known for their leadership, sense of humor, and desire to protect those around them. Jalen would thrive as Black Panther, with his strength, speed, stamina, and durability.

  • He’d be able to juke and run around enemies and bounce back up after big hits.

Black Panther leads a kingdom and takes care of many people.

Both appear to be loved by most and are defined by their impact and good character. With his build and frame, it’s likely no other Philadelphia Eagle would look as good as Jalen in Black Panther’s suit.

Brandon Graham: Hawkeyebrandon-graham-marvel

Hawkeye was initially perceived as one of the weakest Avengers but has shown his worth over time. This is comparable to Brandon Graham on draft day, going from a perceived reach who wouldn’t make an impact, to a beloved Super Bowl hero.

Both men’s skills were initially thought of as “unconventional” with a lack of flashiness. They both excel with natural power and intelligence, show professionalism, and have a great moral compass. Both are underestimated despite versatility in their skills.

Hawkeye is a marksman, martial artist, sword master, and acrobat.

  • Brandon has a build that allows him to be agile at the defensive end position, but he could play linebacker and defensive tackle if he wanted to.

Despite being counted out, both never held it against the people who cared about them. Hawkeye’s love for his teammates and family shined through, and Brandon pushed through the negativity to ultimately become a beloved legend in the city of Philadelphia.

He’d make a great Hawkeye.

Fletcher Cox: Iron Manfletcher-cox-marvel-eagles-superhero-kelce-cox-lane

When it comes to personality, Fletcher Cox and Iron Man have a lot in common. They’re known for their sense of humor, self-assured nature, and being former playboys.

They could both be perceived as cold and distant, and even short-tempered at times. Despite giving off that tough exterior, both have shown loyalty to teammates and the people they are closest to.

  • Fletcher may not have the fancy suit that Iron Man does but when he steps onto the football field he transforms as Iron Man does.
  • Fletcher becomes laser-focused and activates his inner motor.

They both have speed, agility, and durability. Fletcher would be all-powerful in Iron Man’s suit, almost unfair.

I’m thinking of a Philadelphia Eagles Marvel spinoff series… what about you?

  • Do you agree or disagree?
  • Would you compare any of these listed players to other Marvel Characters?
  • Which other Eagles players would make great Marvel characters to you?
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