Madden 23 sticks it to Jalen Hurts in QB ratings reveal

Posted on July 22, 2022

Continuing with their rating reveals, EA Sports dropped the most important position of all today: quarterback. And boy oh boy, is it a doozy if you love to play as Jalen Hurts.

Hurts earned a surprising 74 overall rating, putting him below names like Tua Tagovailoa, Teddy Bridgewater, Jimmy Garrapolo, Baker Mayfield, and Mac Jones.

Certainly, the QB ratings as a whole leave a lot to digest. Tom Brady as the best QB at 97 overall, ahead of current stars like Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, is a whole other debate, as is Dak Prescott above Lamar Jackson and Justin Herbert.

But let’s stick to the important matter at hand here.

Madden Whiffed On Its Evaluation Of Hurts

Diving in deeper, Madden gave Hurts an 87 for speed and 90 for acceleration. Hurts’ speed is one below Daniel Jones, extremely weird considering Hurts was 0.23 seconds quicker on his 40-yard dash than Jones was.

When it comes to Hurts’ accuracy ratings, Madden isn’t as faulty with the scores given:

  • Short throw accuracy: 87
  • Medium throw accuracy: 82
  • Deep throw accuracy: 80

After all, much of Hurts’ game comes from his rushing abilities. Accuracy is a crucial area he’ll need to improve upon if he wants to prove he’s the QB of the future in Philadelphia.

Still, a 74 for a QB that just set his team’s record for most rushing touchdowns in a season, along with being a Pro Bowl alternate, seems extremely low.

I’ll admit his current passing skills likely keeps him from being at least an 80, but even 77 to 79 would feel more suitable than what he’s at right now. It seems like Hurts just has one more doubter to prove wrong in 2022.

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