Jalen Hurts Speaks To Media On A.J. Brown, Film, Team Preparation

Posted on July 27, 2022

Appearing in front of the media after training camp Wednesday, QB Jalen Hurts discussed a variety of topics as he begins his third year in the NFL and second as the Eagles’ starter under center. You can view the full interview below (Hurts starts at 22:04):

Hurts Details His “Breed Of One” Hat, Sirianni’s “Swagger”

Asked about his choice of hat, Hurts discussed a camp he had put on in the city. “It meant a lot to me, it meant a lot to the kids out there… getting them involved, showing them that everybody has something special about them.

“There’s always something unique about a person. You talk about the youth, you’ve got to give them something to believe in. I really believe in that.”

Hurts noted the hat stands for perseverance.  Though some fans might be having flashbacks to Carson Wentz’s “audience of one” slogan, it’s still nice to see Hurts engaged with helping the community and its youth.

Hurts also joked about head coach Nick Sirianni’s fashion. Sirianni wore a shirt with Hurts’ face on it, which prompted the quarterback to say he has a lot of “swagger.” “That’s who he is, he’s going to support all his players regardless of who you are,” Hurts said.

A.J. Brown And Hurts Already Showing Partnership

Asked about new receiver A.J. Brown and him being at camp at 6 a.m., Hurts explained that’s just “the standard” for the duo.

“I know [DeVonta Smith] is there every morning, he’ll join us. A.J. and I, that’s the standard. We just put the work in, the work comes first every day,” Hurts explained.

“We take it day by day, trying to get prepared for the day so we can attack every day. Just growing with time, getting everything together so we can be on the same page.”

Hurts credited several players — Smith, Brown, Dallas Goedert — for putting “1,000 reps in” during the offseason so “we can come out here and play ball at a high level and continue what we built.”

It’s definitely great to see Hurts and his new top receiver bonding so quickly. It’s crucial for them to both be on the same page offensively, as the team can’t afford a slow start with Hurts’ passing. Hopefully, their early hours will result in immediate connections.

Hurts Believes Brown Will Feed Off Fans’ Energy

Hurts was also asked what advice he’s given to Brown about Philadelphia. While he didn’t give an answer to the specific question, he did relay that Brown’s energy should fit right at home in the city.

“A.J.’s a true pro. He loves the energy, he loves the enthusiasm, and he feeds off of that. I’m excited to see him embrace that. I think it’s funny, I love that type of stuff. That brings me energy.”

So far, Brown has shown he understands the fan’s perspective. From being engaging on Twitter to making sure the team doesn’t get ahead of themselves when talking about their potential and talent, Brown should be able to become a fan favorite immediately.

Hurts Notes “Time Management” Comes With Watching Film

Asked about the time spent watching practice film, Hurts noted it depends on how the routine and schedule as a team plays out.

“What are we doing before practice, how much time do I have to get ready for practice, how much of a break do I have in between post-practice, meetings, and walkthroughs,” Hurts explained. “There’s a lot of time management that goes into it.”

Still, Hurts noted he’s “definitely got to get the tape in.” “You want to review the things you did at practice but prepare for what’s to come. Just take it moment by moment.”

“I don’t want any of the guys to get ahead of themselves. Overprepared or whatever it is. Focus on the now and be in the moment. We do that, we communicate, we try to get on the same page, and we talk through things. I think that’s going to help us in the end.”

Watching film has become a noteworthy topic throughout the NFL community in the last week in the wake of Kyler Murray’s $230 million deal, which mandates four hours of weekly film study.

That certainly doesn’t shine a great light on Murray’s motivation and dedication to crafting his game. Given the amount of time he’s seemingly put in for practice, there are no indications putting in film study will be a problem for Hurts.

For Hurts, Any Time Spent With The Team Matters

Hurts noted that any time spent with teammates matters. “It all matters, and those are all the things that we do. Understand that when you play a team sport, it’s not always about X’s and O’s.”

“A lot of it is ball, but the other part of it is getting to know that person, getting on the same page with that person. Know how that person thinks. And just getting to know them thoroughly.”

Hurts noted the team is “excited and very hungry,” and happy to be back on the field. Hurts is right about making every moment with the team count – leadership is always a needed factor in any winning team.

This might be even more important for the Eagles considering their last few years have been filled with behind-the-scenes drama, particularly with Carson Wentz.

While the Wentz rumors are still just that, it’s definitely better to have a team fully committed to its QB. Hurts bonding and showing teammates his dedication will go a long way.

On Comfort Level Coming Back This Season

Hurts explained it’s his first time coming back to the team with the same play-caller and coach “since my dad in high school.” “I think it’s a big difference, I think it’s exciting.”

Hurts having that kind of stability and familiarity could be crucial for his development. Hurts also touched down on how the offense and staff are looking to figure out what’s best for him heading into 2022.

“For us as an offense, I think we saw the things that we did well, we saw the things that we want to improve on, and we dove in on those things. We just want to be consistent in all areas. Consistent in the red zone, consistent on third-down, consistent in the field.”

Towards the end, Hurts once again reiterated his mindset of focusing solely on the day, rep, or play at hand, as long as putting in the work necessary.

While the first day of camp sees every player expressing positive thoughts and goals, it’s nonetheless important as Philadelphia tries to see if Hurts is the franchise cornerstone of the future.

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