Is Carson Wentz finished for good as a starting Quarterback in the NFL?

Posted on October 20, 2022

Whether we like to admit it or not, Philadelphia Eagles fans will always be interested in what Carson Wentz is doing around the NFL.

He was supposed to be our next big franchise QB, and he had a huge hand in bringing us our first Super Bowl Championship, so whether you’re rooting for or against him, Wentz will continue to be a hot topic until his career comes to an end.

And that end may be closer than we all thought… at least as a starter.

Carson Wentz Finished?

After a hot start to the 2022 NFL season, Carson Wentz has looked like an average QB at best. Yes, the Commander’s offensive line looks to be one of the worst groups in the NFL, but he’s getting paid a lot of money to take a mediocre Washington team to the next level, and he hasn’t achieved that yet.

Now we find out Carson Wentz sustained another freak injury to his finger, and he will be out for four to six weeks to recover after surgery. If Heineke comes in and is more successful than Wentz, Washington will most likely try to unload Carson and his big contract before the trade deadline or after the 2022 season to a team that’s desperate enough to give Wentz one last chance as a starter in the NFL.

So what now? Should the Commanders give Wentz the starting job back after he recovers or should they cut their losses and give Sam Howell the starting spot long-term? I think the Commanders will give Wentz the starting job back, but he has to play lights out when he does return because the Commanders drafted Howell for a reason, and Wentz isn’t getting any younger.

Not Over, Till It’s Over

carson wentz future

No, I don’t think Wentz is finished as a starter in the NFL quite yet, but if Heinecke wins a few games while he’s out, things will only become more confusing for Wentz moving forward.

We have all seen that Carson Wentz has what it takes to be great in this league, but he’s sustained some serious injuries in his young career.  And although he’s an unbelievable competitor, almost willing his team to win at times, he continues to make bad decisions under center that a 7-year pro shouldn’t make.

As a Carson Wentz fan, I wish him nothing but success moving forward and hope to see him continue his career as a starting quarterback.

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