The ‘Philly Sports Doc’ talks Hurts, Johnson injuries & their likely status vs the Giants

Posted on January 18, 2023

This is what Harvard in the world of medicine looks like.

Pete Amato and I gained an education visiting with Dr. Bruce Grossinger, the renowned “Philly Sports Doc,” on a special edition of WhyEaglesWhy, which you can now find the YouTube video HERE.

Hurts, Johnson Injury Status After BYE

Eagles fans could not get a better breakdown of the injury situations on quarterback Jalen Hurts, pro-bowl tackle Lane Johnson and slot corner Avante Maddox.

The bottom line on the Hurts, Johnson injury status:

  • Hurts is expected to be 90-95% for the Eagles vs Giants, and Johnson to be about 90%. But that only tells part of the story…

Dr. Bruce on Hurts injury:

“He has an atypical strain,” Grossinger says. “All strains are not created equal. This strain is an intermediate one, a Grade 2. Any kind of throw that Jalen makes puts a lot of pressure on that strain.”

Grossinger outlined the shoulder area, demonstrated how the throwing motion affects it and that Hurts was fitted with a pad that he used in the 22-16 bye-clinching triumph over the New York Giants. It affected the trajectory and timing of Hurts’ throws. Grossinger compares Hurts’ throwing style to Patrick Mahomes.

The bye was important in medical terms, he believes. Grossinger expects Hurts to be at least 5% better, maybe more, in his next game.

“He’s getting a lot of therapy,” Grossinger says. “The area is inflamed. It’s not totally torn, but by golly, it’s inflamed. He’s going to need ice, physical therapy, stretching and range of motion exercises. Gradually, this is going to increase his ability to throw the football.”

The Eagles have missed Johnson, a rock on the offensive line. Pete pointed out how pressure from opposing defenses has accompanied Johnson being sidelined. Johnson has not allowed a sack in 28 games, a period of nearly two years that is the longest streak in the league.

Johnson decided to delay surgery and play with pain for the rest of the season in what Grossinger considers a sports hernia. Johnson has a partial tear and may benefit even more so than Hurts with the extra rest week provided by the bye.

“With therapy, rehab, and also wearing a somewhat cumbersome brace, he should be okay as far as not making it worse or re-injuring it. In two weeks, I believe we will be getting a 90% Lane Johnson.”

Grossinger also shared an interesting observation about the timing of the injury.

The Philly Sports Doc

Grossinger brings the world of medicine to viewers with an engaging, enlightened style.

The discussion of sports injuries can normally be dry, but not with the Philly Sports Doc, who speaks like the fan he is.

Grossinger has been an Eagles season ticket holder for more than 30 years. Grossinger has treated many former Eagles, including 1980 Super Bowl participant Wilbert Montgomery.

These areas are right up Grossinger’s alley, combining his years of sports medicine as the head of Philadelphia PRP & Stem Cell Institute with the reach of social media. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy uses injections of a concentration of a patient’s own platelets to accelerate the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, etc. 

Philadelphia fans saw PRP gain a front-and-center profile in 2022. Bryce Harper got a PRP injection in his right elbow because of a small tear in the ulnar collateral ligament of his right elbow. It forced him to play only as a designated hitter.  But Harper’s meteoric finish to the season and the Phillies reaching the World Series brought a happy ending to that saga.

In the situation of Maddox, who is lost for the post-season, Grossinger revealed just why a turf toe injury is far more severe than many people think. Over the last three decades, Grossinger has seen the medical world advance to a point where his business can help repair shoulders, knees, and hips without the need for surgery and dangerous drugs. 

Grossinger, who is rapidly becoming a national expert on sports injuries, began his business by trying to help others by transplanting cells. The evolution of this trend has been a significant element in the advancement of modern medicine.

So were all of the devices that helped Damar Hamlin survive the horrific injury he suffered against the Cincinnati Bengals. Grossinger gave his observations there too.

Check the video to gain an even deeper understanding of sports, medicine, and its connection to the Eagles.

For this episode of WhyEaglesWhy, the sports doc becomes a teacher. This is not the only version of WhyEaglesWhy available to viewers. Pete, Bill Gelman and I discuss the overall state of the Eagles, the injuries and the playoff barometer. We make fearless predictions about Week 1 of the NFL playoff weekend.

Just don’t take our picks too seriously.

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