Goedert: Eagles went in “different way” when it came to extension talks

Posted on September 7, 2021

While one tight end in Philadelphia has expressed staying put in the future, another doesn’t seem to know what will come next.

According to NJ Advance Media’s Mike Kaye, Dallas Goedert, a free agent after this season, explained that he was expecting a contract extension to have been nailed out by now.

Instead, he said the team went “in a different way.” While it’s not impossible, a contract extension any time soon seem unlikely with the regular season upon us.

Goedert didn’t dive into what kind of direction the team opted to take instead.

Goedert did explain that he’s very excited to be back with returning veteran Zach Ertz, and said that any problems that could arise from the duo would pertain to the Eagles’ opponents:

Both Goedert and Ertz will be crucial targets for Jalen Hurts as the young quarterback enters his second season. Neither tight end seems to have claimed the true “TE1” title. Instead, the twosome will be operating in a 1a and 1b scenario.

Them sharing time has never been a big issue in the past. Both players have been able to make impacts, and with the injury concerns, it’s always nice to have one in case the other is forced to miss time.

Goedert’s Future In Philadelphia Is Very Much Uncertain

Even though everyone seems okay with the TE situation heading into this season, it’s clear that the Eagles don’t seem to know what to do with Goedert in the future. Recent reports suggest that Philadelphia had discussed a potential Goedert trade with the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings have just lost starting tight end Irv Smith Jr. for the year. Reports never indicated who was the party that started those talks. It wouldn’t be surprising that Minnesota would be hitting up teams around the league for a replacement.

However, if it was the Eagles who started the conversation, then perhaps that shows they aren’t hopeful they can resign Dallas Goedert after this year.

Another possibility could be that the Eagles could be willing to roll with Zach Ertz as their starter both in the present and future, and would prefer to gain more potential assets for Goedert now as opposed to a mid-round comp pick later on.

It is noteworthy that the Eagles have yet to reach a contract extension with Ertz. In the past, Philadelphia has been very quick when it comes to locking up their young players for the long-term.

Obviously, every player’s scenario is different, and the fact that the Eagles have both a potential-filled player and a franchise great at the same position can create some unnecessary complications.

Goedert Could Set Himself Up For A Big Payday

Goedert has a lot on the line this upcoming season, as he could set himself up for a big contract (whether or not it’s from the Eagles). Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews just agreed to a four-year, $56 million extension Monday.

It’s tough t0 say whether Goedert could match that contract. Andrews has had better production since 2018, and while Goedert has been unlucky in that fact that he’s never had the lion’s share of targets at TE, he hasn’t felt like the player that would earn a deal that averages $14 million a year.

Still, even if Goedert might not earn the contract Andrews just reeled in, you can bet he’ll nab a sizeable one himself.

If the Eagles haven’t become convinced that Goedert is capable of being the starting tight end of the future, then it might be wiser letting him walk.

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