Eagles DC cost team Super Bowl 57 win – “Good riddance, Gannon!”

Posted on February 15, 2023

The Philadelphia Eagles did not win the Super Bowl. Despite a fun, memorable, and historic season, it ended in a painful defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs, 38-35.

Super Bowl 57 was a back-and-forth affair and a true masterclass on offensive football. The Eagles out-gained the Chiefs in yardage and time of possession, but couldn’t finish after blowing a 10-point lead at halftime.

Crucial mistakes by Gannon’s defense, special teams, and losing the turnover battle ultimately did the Eagles in, and now it’s time to reflect. For the final time this season, look at the hungry dog and bird in the doghouse performances against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Super Bowl 57 – Hungry Dog, Chiefs @ Eagles

If there were any doubts about Jalen Hurts as the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, they should be gone. Hurts is my hungry dog pick for the Super Bowl.

On the biggest stage in the NFL, hurts shined and showed his elite abilities as a runner and passer. Coming into the game, analysts and players implied that the Chiefs would have to “make him play quarterback” for the Eagles to have a chance.

  • Hurts did just that, passing for 304 yards, one touchdown, and no interceptions.
  • His only mistake was a costly fumble in the second quarter, leading to a scoop and score for the Chiefs’ defense.
  • Hurts rushed for 70 yards on the ground, three touchdowns.

He consistently gave the Eagles opportunities, and the Eagles were able to move the ball effortlessly against the Chiefs’ secondary. His performance is even more impressive, considering the Eagles’ running game could not get going. Dallas Goedert had 60 yards, AJ Brown had 96 yards and one touchdown, and Devonta Smith had 100 yards, showing Hurts’ ability to spread the ball around.

Even in a loss, Hurts was commended by Patrick Mahomes, analysts on social media, and many players on his ability to respond when needed, and for his natural talents. After his fumble, he immediately led the Eagles’ offense on a 12-play 75-yard drive that ate up 7 minutes of the clock for the go-ahead touchdown.

When the Chiefs took a 35-27 lead with 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Hurts led an 8-play 74-yard drive in four minutes to tie the game, including a game-tying 2-point conversion he rushed for.

Although refs are not to blame for this loss, not knowing what Hurts could have done with the ball down 3 with plenty of time is something Philadelphia fans and media members will think about for a long time.

The fumble may be referenced, but he is easily Super Bowl MVP if the defense gets even one big stop late. One could even argue that Quez Watkins drop in the third quarter was the difference between the Eagles scoring 3 points instead of 7.

Even in the loss, Hurts proved his worth this year as the Eagles quarterback. He is the franchise, will be for a long time barring health, and deserves a big payday. He was humble in the postgame, didn’t hang his head, and is the perfect leader for this team.


Super Bowl 57 – Bird In The Doghouse, Chiefs @ Eagles

Eagles fans and media should feel rightfully betrayed by Jonathan Gannon. He faced criticism during the season for his schemes, but most bought in after the divisional and NFC championship games. On the biggest stage, Gannon’s defense was nowhere to be found, and he’s my bird in the doghouse for the Super Bowl.

The Eagles’ offense actually disguised Gannon’s defense in the first half, winning time of possession, but in the second half, everything fell apart.

The defense that led the league in sacks could not muster a single one in the biggest game of the season.

The defense notched only one tackle for a loss and didn’t force a single turnover.

What is frustrating about this defensive performance is that the Chiefs weren’t even great statistically on offense.

  • Travis Kelce only had 81 yards and one touchdown, numbers lower than expected.
  • Juju Smith-Schuster and Kadarius Toney were completely shut down between the 20s.
  • Isiah Pacheco had some great runs but was still held under 100 yards rushing.
  • Gannon’s defense failed to contain Patrick Mahomes, who rushed for 44 and escaped crucial pressure.
  • The Chiefs’ wide receivers were given way too much space and left wide open, and the middle of the field was poorly defended.

Gannon’s defense was put in a bad position late in the fourth quarter after special teams allowed a 77-yard punt return by Kadarius Toney, but they couldn’t even get one stop in the second half. Their only stop in the second half was negated by a defensive holding penalty by James Bradberry.

This performance by Gannon is unforgivable, as he cost Jalen Hurts a Super Bowl MVP award. Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes were able to do exactly what they wanted. Gannon has accepted a head coaching position with the Arizona Cardinals. After Super Bowl 57, Eagles fans couldn’t be happier.

The Eagles have no control over their schedule, but as a coordinator, you have to have a more elaborate game plan for elite quarterbacks.

He brought nothing, and the defensive performance this season feels like it meant nothing.

Good riddance, Gannon.

We wish you zero good luck in Arizona.

Now What?

We’ve been here before. Philadelphia fans have experienced heartbreak countless times. Slightly older fans remember Super Bowl 15. Fans remember three straight championship losses, the dagger of Super Bowl 39, and the gut punch chaser of 2005. They remember losing to Arizona in the title game in 2008 and will remember this loss to Kansas City in Super Bowl 57.

It stings to watch our beloved quarterback play his heart out and lose, but he’ll learn from this. He’ll grow and so will we, and we’ll get past it. Howie Roseman will ensure this team is ready to return in 2023. For now, everyone should feel exactly what they want to feel and cope how they need to.

See you in 2023, birds. We’ll miss you.

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