Eagles to host Devonta Freeman, free-agent RB next week

Posted on September 20, 2020

Week 1 for the Philadelphia Eagles was downright unacceptable. Aside from gameplay, the number of injuries to the starting line has become a revolving door season after season.

The Eagles are now interested in making some delayed changes to the roster and will host free-agent running back Devonta Freeman for a workout next week.


Devonta FreemanAs a fourth-round 2014 NFL Draft pick, 28-year-old Devonta Freeman has been with the Atlanta Falcons for his entire professional career. He rushed over 1,000 yards in 2015 and 2016 and scored 11 touchdowns in both seasons.

Both years, he was also ranked fifth and sixth-best running back, respectively, by his fellow players.

He made a Super Bowl appearance in 2016 and was a two-time Pro Bowler. In 2017, he signed a contract extension worth $41.25 million and became the highest-paid running back in the NFL.

Unfortunately for Freeman, his production wasn’t consistent going into the next season.

In 2018, he played in just two games after suffering injuries to the knee, foot, and groin. The following season, he produced 656 rushing yards with a mere two touchdowns but recorded 59 catches for 410 yards and four touchdowns, still making him a threat to the game.

In March 2020, the Atlanta Falcons released him from the team.


Since then, the Eagles have had their eye on Freeman, as well as Carlos Hyde and LeSean McCoy. However, the Eagles chose not to make any changes to the running back position in the offseason.

The Seattle Seahawks offered Freeman a $4 million contract, but he came with an even steeper price tag. They then signed Hyde. Freeman’s price also too high for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who eventually signed with McCoy, leaving Freeman as the lone man standing.

Weeks later, Freeman and his agent, Kristin Campbell, parted ways, and he hired Drew Rosenhaus to help look for a new deal.

Rosenhaus stated, “We want to work out a deal in the immediate future, and we are open to any team.”

Freeman met with the Jacksonville Jaguars earlier this month, but they did not sign him.

The absence of a deal leaves some to wonder why he has met with several teams, but not one agreement has stuck. Does it come down to the money, or does Freeman not have what it takes anymore?


Currently, in the running back position, the Philadelphia Eagles have Miles Sanders, Boston Scott, and Corey Clement. Sanders was unable to play during Week 1 due to a hamstring injury. While the other two men have showed promising gameplay in the past, there was little faith in them last week.

The Eagles ran the ball in 24.37% of the plays, a league-low, with only 15 total carries.

Sanders will make his 2020-21 season appearance in Week 2 against the Los Angeles Rams, but even with Sanders in good health, a veteran backup may make the most sense. The Eagles’ current running back position is young, and a more experienced presence could add additional depth.

Once Freeman arrives, he will need to pass all coronavirus protocols. He will then work out with the team in Week 3. Currently, there is no deal in place.

The Eagles have just over $20.5 million in salary cap left for the season; however, they are looking to carry as much of that as possible over to the following year. In that case, Freeman may not get what he wants in terms of a paycheck.

Earlier in the week, Freeman stated that he’s ready “for whatever team needs a vet,” possibly making this a win-win situation for both parties if he does well, and he’s willing to take a lower salary. Only time will tell.

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