The Week 3 ‘Hungry Dog Award’ goes to…

Posted on September 26, 2022

The Philadelphia Eagles showed dominance for the third straight week with a 24-8 victory over the rival Washington Commanders. The team is dominating on both sides of the ball and already looks like one of the best teams in the NFC conference.

Let’s look at the Hungry Dog of the Week and my pick for the Bird stuck in the Eagles Doghouse. I’ll also predict the best and worst performers in the Eagles’ upcoming matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 4.

Week 3 Hungry Dog Award, Eagles @ Commanders

Yes, I’m copping out again and sharing hungry dog this week. There’s just so much love to go around!

The first hungry dog of the week belongs to Devonta Smith.

  • He caught 8 passes for 169 yards and 1 touchdown, averaging 21 yards per catch.
  • When the Eagles were looking to add to their lead late in the second quarter, Jalen Hurts threw a 45-yard pass deep to Smith to the Washington 1-yard line.

Smith was drilled during the catch but held on and preserved the drive. He even walked off, appearing to be injured but returned and continued to dominate. The reception showed incredible toughness and really cemented Smith as a reliable pass catcher. This was the best game of Smith’s young career.

The second hungry dog of the week goes to Jonathan Gannon. After the Eagles’ defense gave up 35 yards to the Lions in week 1, it looked like he was headed to the doghouse.

  • In the following weeks, the Eagles would allow only 7 to Minnesota and 8 to Washington.
  • The Eagles’ defense is currently allowing 16 points per game, and if they continue at this pace they could be one of the best defenses in the NFL.
  • For the second straight week, Gannon stopped the opposing team’s wide receivers from being truly dominant.
  • The Eagles’ defensive line sacked Carson Wentz 9 times, made their run game non-existent, and the pressure and blitzes were consistent.

Week 3 Bird in the Doghouse, Eagles @ Commanders

This week’s doghouse dud is two collective units, given the team did pretty well. Even in a dominating win, there are always things that can be pointed out. The Eagles’ second-half scoring offense is the culprit here, and this has been a consistent issue in the season so far.

  • In their games against the Vikings and Commanders, the Eagles have been scoreless in the second half after building big leads.
  • They scored 14 points in the third quarter against the Lions but remained scoreless in the fourth quarter.
  • Three straight games of scoreless fourth quarters is a bit alarming, especially when this offense has shown the ability to be dominant.

It’s honestly an easy fix if the Eagles clean up their red zone offense and remain aggressive with playcalling late in games. The Eagles special teams share the doghouse this week, as they haven’t been able to get consistent return yardage on punts and kickoffs. Punting has also been an issue, as they fail to pin opposing teams deep into their territory.

Week 4 Hungry Dog Prediction, Jaguars @ Eagles

Next up on the Eagles 2022 schedule is Dougy P and his Jags!

The Jacksonville Jaguars already looked improved from last season, but their main flaws lie on the offensive side of the ball. They boast middle-of-the-road rushing and passing offenses.

  • Trevor Lawrence looks improved, but there is nothing dominant about his play, and this is an excellent opportunity for Jonathan Gannon’s defense.
  • Christian Kirk is having a solid season at wide receiver thus far, but he’s the only receiver producing numbers worth talking about on that team.
  • This is an incredible matchup for the Eagles defensive backs and makes the Jaguars’ passing offense very one-dimensional.
  • The Jaguars’ young running backs have potential, but there is no true dominant back in that group.

I like the Eagles’ defense for the Hungry Dog pick next week. They’ll be able to suffocate that Jaguars offense, and I’ll be surprised if that unit scores more than 20 points on the Eagles’ defense. They could force a young quarterback in Trevor Lawrence into multiple mistakes in a harsh environment in Philadelphia.

Week 4 Bird in the Doghouse Prediction, Jaguars @ Eagles

Where the Jaguars are pretty average on the offensive side of the ball, the defensive side is where a lot of their potential lies. Their defense is top 10 in the lowest yards and points allowed, and they have a lot of talent on their defensive line.

If they force Jalen Hurts out of the pocket, their athletic defensive tackles and ends could wreak havoc. I don’t believe they shut down the Eagles’ offense completely, but we may see the lowest points scored by the Eagles offense this season in this game.

The entire Eagles’ offense is my Doghouse Dud prediction in week 4. They will score enough to win the game, but won’t look as dominant as they did in prior weeks. This is a game I see the Eagles’ defense being the biggest difference maker in.

Do you agree or disagree?

  • Who would be your for the Hungry Dog of the Week?
  • And who do you have in the Eagles Doghouse right now?

Who would you pick going into the week 4 matchup against the Jaguars?

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