Eagles show off their new, eye-catching black helmet

Posted on July 22, 2022

After a wave of NFL teams debuted their new gear, the Eagles finally joined in and dropped their new all-black alternate helmet — and the look certainly doesn’t disappoint.

While it’s a simple design considering all that was replaced was midnight green to metallic black — with all other features remaining the same — it definitely carries a sleekness that will be fun to see paired with the Eagles’ all-black uniforms.

Players Welcoming The Enhanced Black Look

It seems Birds players are also happy with the added looks. “I like the shininess of the black,” DeVonta Smith told the Eagles’ website. “It’s something different to add to the all-black (uniforms).”

“It’s something the majority of us as players always wanted – just a little change in uniform.”

The specific games the Eagles will wear these and the all-black unis are still TBD. Last year, the Eagles wore alternates twice, against the Saints and Giants. Both matchups were won handily.

Assuming the Eagles use them for prime-time home matchups, we could perhaps see them debut as early as week two in Monday Night Football against the Vikings.

Unfortunately, the black helmets aren’t likely to see a long stay. Due to the NFL’s 2021 ruling that teams can have just two helmets, the highly-anticipated kelly green will take black’s spot as the Eagles’ alternate in 2023.

A new ruling allowing three helmets could change that, but given the amount of time it took just to add two, that seems like a long shot. Just all the more reason to enjoy them while they’re here.

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