Eagles unveil Super Bowl LVII jerseys

Posted on February 1, 2023

With Super Bowl LVII just 11 days away, the Eagles have announced what jersey they’re wearing. And it’s the smart decision.

As the “home” team in this neutral site matchup, the Eagles tweeted LVII patches being sewn onto their midnight green jerseys.

Why is this such an important and potentially game-altering decision? Well, for one, the Eagles’ last Super Bowl win back in 2018 also game with them wearing their classic home unis.

So, if you go by that kind of thinking, they’re golden, right? Not exactly.

Teams wearing dark jersey don’t have great odds of winning

Don’t look if you are superstitious. All-time, teams in white jerseys have won the Super Bowl 36 times.

Over the last 11 years, teams wearing white jerseys have won nine games, compared to two victories teams with dark jerseys have nabbed.

It’s also been two years in a row that the white jersey team has one, with the last team to win in a dark jersey being the… Kansas City Chiefs in 2020. Always funny how that “full circle” stuff pops up.

Of course, green is kind of the go-to for the Eagles in the big game. They’ve dawned their home uniform in all of their past three Super Bowl appearances: kelly green against the Raiders in 1980, and then midnight green against the Patriots in 2004 and 2018.

Even with the 1-2 record in those games and history suggesting otherwise, the team clearly thinks dark jerseys are the best look. Again, they won the last time – so who are we to judge?

Grey might be your best patched jersey option right now

Let’s be real. The patch color is gorgeous, and way more appealing then the bland LII patch. It only makes sense that you’d want to add this baby to your collection.

Unfortunately, unless you were one of the first to snatch a Black alternate jersey following the conclusion of Sunday’s game, there’s not many of these to be found in stores, currently.

The featured Eagles jerseys with the patch on both the team’s, NFL’s, and official sellers’ websites are a never-used gray alternate jersey. The Chiefs have the same kind on their sites, too.

It’s a cool jersey if you like those kinds of styles, but you’re more likely than not hoping for a midnight green, black, or white jersey with the patch. Just make sure to keep your eyes peeled for restocks.

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