A Certain Cowboys blog named Eagles among top offenses to face Dallas

Posted on June 22, 2022 - Last Updated on June 23, 2022

The Landry Hat, a Cowboys blog, just picked the top four offenses out of the 14 Dallas will play this season.

Look who’s on the list: the Eagles, at No. 4.

  • It’s not harmful for Eagles fans to see how non-Philly media evaluates the Birds.
  • Read the material, understand the audience for whom it is written, and assess the analysis.
  • Having another perspective, from another town, will give additional insight into how others view your team.

The Landry Hat points out the Eagles lost no offensive players (well, Jordan Howard hasn’t re-signed, but he might) and added wide receivers A.J. Brown and Zack Pascal (it’s Zach).

TLH had this to say about the Eagles’ offense:

Don’t look now, but the Eagles have turned their lackluster offense from a few seasons ago into a possible contender in one offseason. They brought back everyone on offense from the 2021 season and added two receivers in A.J. Brown and Pascal. They will be paired with De’Vonta [DeVonta] Smith and are going to make things interesting in the race for the NFC East championship.

“We’ve known that this team was a good running team but now with the addition of two legit receivers to the roster, teams are going to have to respect their passing game much more.

“It’s worth noting that the key to this team’s success still rides on Jalen Hurts who looks to prove his doubters wrong. That is exactly who the Cowboys are going to have to go after in order to beat this team not once but twice this season if they want to make sure that they become the NFC East champions once again.”


Dallas has defeated the Eagles in seven of nine games, the last three by wide margins. The Cowboys are a hill yet to be conquered by this Eagles team, but one they will have to negotiate to challenge for the NFC East title. It’s tough winning the NFC East when you lose twice to Dallas.

Quarterback Dak Prescott has been the main problem for the Eagles. Dallas has scored 51, 41 and 37 points in the last three meetings.

Prescott is 7-3 vs. the Eagles and 25-6 vs. the NFC East. So, Dak is beating up on the Eagles with less frequency than Washington (9-1) and the New York Giants (9-2).

Facing The Dallas Cowboys this season

Interestingly, TLH didn’t select any of these four teams on Dallas’ schedule with formidable weapons: Green Bay (Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones), Minnesota (Kirk Cousins, Justin Jefferson, Dalvin Cook), Indianapolis (Matt Ryan, Jonathan Taylor) or Tennessee (Ryan Tannehill, Derrick Henry).

The top three offenses Dallas will face, according to TLH are:


From TLH:Any team that has a quarterback that many refer to as the “GOAT” will always be a formidable opponent. After last season’s disappointing end for this group, the possible retirement of Rob Gronkowski (narrator: He announced his retirement on June 21), and the retirement of coach Bruce Arians, you’d think this offense might take a step back.

“Well, you’d be wrong. All this team did in the offseason was add younger and faster weapons for [Tom] Brady to play with. We’ve seen how well this Cowboys defense played against the then-defending Super Bowl champions in Week 1 last year, but this team is going to look a lot different.


From TLH:When you go to the Super Bowl as one of the youngest and most talented offenses in the NFL, you’re going to be hard to overlook. That’s the case for the Bengals whose 27.1 points per game should only rise after the work their front office put in this offseason.

“The biggest weakness for this offense was their offensive line, and the front office made that a huge priority this offseason, including signing the Cowboys’ former right tackle La’el Collins. Now that Joe Burrow should have more time in the pocket to find Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins, it’s scary to imagine how many points this team could put on the scoreboard.


From TLH:If you’re the team that won the Super Bowl, you’re going to have a big target on your back. Luckily for this team, they have had one of the most explosive offenses in the league with weapons at all positions on the field.

“Averaging 27.1 points per game and having an offensive mastermind head coach in Sean McVay, you never know what the Rams are going to throw at you. The addition of [wide receiver] Allen Robinson only adds more fear and they may still bring back Odell Beckham Jr. That doesn’t even factor in their already-signed superstar Cooper Kupp.

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