Is the second-quarter good luck for the Eagles?

Posted on October 3, 2022

The Philadelphia Eagles are the only remaining undefeated team in the NFL. Read that again.

On Sunday, the Eagles welcomed Super Bowl winning and former head coach Doug Pederson back to the Linc. Leading the Jacksonville Jaguars 2-1, it was a rainy battle for both teams as they looked to advance their record.

But, coming out on top were the Eagles, in a 29-21 victory.

The win not only placed Philadelphia in the top spot in the league, but showed their dominance in the second-quarter, yet again.


The Philadelphia Eagles are creating a pattern, and whether it’s good or bad, it’s working right now. For the fourth consecutive week, the Eagles have excelled in the second quarter.

1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th Quarter
Week 1 (Detroit Lions)024140
Week 2 (Minnesota Vikings)71700
Week 3 (Washington Commanders)02400
Week 4 (Jacksonville Jaguars)02009

The Eagles have now scored 85 total second-quarter points this season — the most in NFL history through four games. The record was last held by the Chicago Bears in 1941 with 71 points.

Philadelphia’s second-quarter dominance has essentially allowed the Eagles to take the win each week, resulting in their 4-0 record.

After a nail biting first quarter, in which the Jaguars took the lead 14-0, the Eagles got their groove back in the latter part of the first half.

During the second quarter, the Eagles converted two fourth-down plays, one of them ending in a rushing touchdown from the man himself, Jalen Hurts. Working as a dual-quarterback, Philadelphia gained 165 total yards. He again proved that his passing game is improving, completing six-of-seven passes for 67 yards.

The remaining 98 yards were on the ground, thanks to Miles Sanders and Kenneth Gainwell. Both running backs scored a touchdown on a 10-yard rush, with a missed field goal attempt on Gainwell’s score due to weather conditions.

The Eagles then returned to a score-less third-quarter, after holding the ball from the Jaguars for 11:16.


Remember last season when the Birds had the best fourth-quarter comebacks? The team made fans think they didn’t have it in them, and then pulled out all the stops just before the final buzzer. Despite dishing out heart attacks throughout the Philadelphia area, the Eagles still advanced to the playoffs (with a 9-8 record).

This season, the Eagles are following the same path — this time, just two quarters sooner.

Given that it’s only Week 4, it’s still early to panic, but the truth is, teams across the league are now aware of Philadelphia’s second-quarter energy. The concern will be if opposing defenses begin to focus on different plays to put a stop to the Eagles.

Next week, Philadelphia is on the road against the Arizona Cardinals — their third reunion tour, this time with former tight end Zach Ertz. The Cardinals are now 2-2, after winning 26-16 on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.

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