Eagles QB Rumors: La Confora names Philly as a landing spot for Rodgers, King gives Birds best odds for Watson

Posted on May 10, 2021

Could Aaron Rodgers be Switching His Cheeseheads for Cheesesteaks?

If you thought for a minute that the QB rumors would stop after the Eagles passed on a quarterback in the draft, guess again.

CBS Sports’ Jason La Confora listed the Eagles as one of his top six landing spots for the disgruntled Aaron Rodgers:

“Super progressive front office that loves to make trades and has some pieces that might interest the Packers. GM Howie Roseman also has at least two first-round picks next year already (three if Wentz plays enough Colts snaps) and an improved roster on offense that could give Rodgers what he needs. Yeah, they are rebuilding … but landing this kind of QB would expedite things and make parting with future draft stock tenable.”

La Confora’s thinking behind a trade is fair. The Eagles will have a ton of draft capital in 2022, with two guaranteed first-round picks (their own and the Dolphins’ selection).

They also have a second-round pick that can turn into a first if Carson Wentz plays 75% of snaps (or 70% and the Colts make the playoffs).

Trading for Rodgers would be a very exciting move from a fan point-of-view for a number of reasons. He’s the league MVP, and he would instantly make Philadelphia the favorite to win the NFC East. Hearing “Aaron Rodgers to Devonta Smith for a 50-yard touchdown!” would be incredible.

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But think about all of this from Rodgers’ perspective: what about the Eagles is better than the Packers? They’re a team that just finished last in one of the worst divisions in NFL history. They’re in salary cap hell, have a bunch of aging players, and while the offense is unquestionably “improved,” it’s by no means a juggernaut.

Worst of all, Philadelphia’s front office is controlling and has been the center of controversy. A messy FO is exactly what Rodgers is trying to get away from.

If you’re thinking that the future Hall-of-Famer doesn’t have a say in the matter, he does. Rodgers retiring if he doesn’t like what the team does is a report that’s been thrown around. Approval of the Eagles is very important in a possible trade.

Unless the Eagles are completely prepared to do whatever Rodgers wants, I really can’t see this relationship working, especially with Howie Roseman still in charge. More butting heads is the last thing that’s needed.

The Deshaun Watson Speculation Is Starting Back Up

Meanwhile, NBC Sports’ Peter King gave the Eagles, along with the Carolina Panthers, the best odds of landing Houston’s Deshaun Watson:

“3-1: Philadelphia. A likely need, plus Eagles are in perfect position to deal with three first-round picks (if Carson Wentz plays three-quarters of the Indy season).”

Like La Confora, King’s reasoning for this is that the Eagles are loaded with picks, which would allow them to beat out almost any other team that would be trying to make a go at the three-time Pro-Bowl quarterback.

At one point, the Eagles were monitoring Watson’s legal situation. They clearly have interest in the 25-year-old, but only if his troubles are able to be cleared up. It’s hard to tell when the situation will finally be resolved.

Watson would be better for the Eagles if they’re thinking long-term, but the character issues are suddenly big red flags. It’s also important to note that like Rodgers, Watson has been previously critical of his teams’ actions.

Honestly, the most ideal outcome is that Jalen Hurts is able to be productive and will be their franchise QB of the future.

The Eagles are in really unique position, and those three possible first-rounders could alter their heading in as quickly as a season. Giving it all up for a quarterback when the team as a whole may not be ready to contend could be foolish.

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