Eagles’ QB Jalen Hurts: Best plays of 2022

Posted on March 2, 2023

The 2022-2023 season may be over, but it never hurts to look back.

After playing the best season of his career, Eagles’ quarterback Jalen Hurts finished with a 14-1 regular-season record, playing a massive role in Philadelphia’s road to Super Bowl LVII. Though the Birds came up short, this year was nothing less than impressive.

As Hurts now looks forward (with a large contract extension looming in his future), below are his top-ten plays from the 2022-2023 season.

*The plays are in no particular order other than chronological.


Pass to WR Quez Watkins against the Minnesota Vikings

During the Eagles’ Week 2 game against the highly anticipated Minnesota Vikings, the Eagles were up 7-0 entering the second quarter. On the second play of the drive, Philadelphia was 2nd-and-8, when Jalen Hurts went deep. Launching the ball downfield to a wide open Quez Watkins, Hurts threw for 79 yards, for the Eagles’ second touchdown of the game.


Rushing touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings

After the thrill of the first two scores for Philadelphia (see second score above), the Eagles were up 14-7 just before halftime. With 2:09 remaining, on 3rd-and-2, Jalen Hurts was unable to find an open receiver. Using his speed, he ran from the 30-yard line down to the five, as tight end Dallas Goedert provided phenomenal blocking. Encountering the Vikings’ defense, Hurts twisted his way into the end zone for his second touchdown of the night, bringing the Eagles 21-7 in the first half.

The Philadelphia Eagles won the game 24-7.

Rushing touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars

In what fans thought would be an easy game in Week 4 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Philadelphia was down by 14 points before making headway.

With 9:16 remaining in the second quarter, the Birds were 4th-and-goal. Rather than going for the field goal, Philly was hungry for more. Unfortunately, Hurts couldn’t find a throwing target. With a straight path, he ran the ball into the end zone for a touchdown, finally putting the Eagles on the board.

Even more impressive than gaining six points was his ability to reach over the line before dropping the ball. Hurts’ focus and tenacity to follow through is why he’s a top-five quarterback.

Pass to WR A.J. Brown against the Tennessee Titans

Philadelphia fans knew the Eagles vs Tennessee Titans game was going to be intense. Wide receiver A.J. Brown wanted to make a statement against his former team (who traded him). But, in order for Brown to do well, Hurts needed to also.

Philadelphia was up 21-10 in the third quarter with 12:14 remaining on the board. On 2nd-and-3, Hurts threw a 29-yard pass to Brown, who was defended by cornerback Tre Avery. Hurts happened to do it so smoothly that the ball fell right into Brown’s hands while he was running into the end zone.

The Eagles were victorious against the Titans, finishing the game 35-10, with Brown making two scores.

Pass to WR DeVonta Smith against the New York Giants

The first matchup against NFC East rival, the New York Giants, came late in the season on December 11. It was Philadelphia’s highest-scoring game throughout the 2022-2023 season with 48 points.

In the second quarter, the Eagles were 7-0. On a very risky play, Philadelphia was 4th-and-7, near the 50-yard line. As wide receiver DeVonta Smith broke free from the Giants’ defense, Hurts was able to get the ball directly into his hands for a 41-yard touchdown pass.

Rushing touchdown against the Chicago Bears

A week after the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New York Giants, they traveled to Chicago to play the Bears. Down three points, with 48 seconds remaining in the second quarter, there was pressure against Philadelphia as Hurts took off down the field. With a straight shot, the quarterback ran 22 yards, putting the Eagles in the lead with a touchdown.

Pass to WR DeVonta Smith against the New York Giants

Another Hurts-Smith highlight against the New York Giants.

In the first quarter, on the first drive, the Eagles came in hot making a killer play within the first minute of the game. On 2nd-and-8, Hurts threw a perfect ball to wide receiver DeVonta Smith. The catch went for 32 yards, bringing the Eagles to the Giants’ 35-yard line.

Philadelphia barely won the game, 22-16. It was first Hurts’ first game back in two weeks after suffering a shoulder injury, while quarterback Gardner Minshew filled it. A win is still a win, and the game guaranteed the No. 1 seed for the Eagles as they headed into the playoffs.

Gaining the bye week, the Eagles would play the New York Giants for a third time. Many were worried Philadelphia would take the “L” given that history has shown teams often don’t win three consecutive times against the same team. But, the Eagles showed the league that history is meant to be broken. Philadelphia won the divisional round 38-7, sending them to the conference championship.

Pass to WR A.J. Brown during Super Bowl LVII

After finishing the regular-season 14-3, the Eagles outplayed the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers to make it to Super Bowl LVII. In what was one of the best Super Bowl games ever played, the Eagles took on the Kansas City Chiefs in Glendale, Arizona.

In the second quarter, both teams were tied 7-7. On the first play of the first drive in the quarter, Jalen Hurts threw a 50+ yard pass to wide receiver A.J. Brown who was waiting in the end zone. The pass gave the Eagles a 7-point lead.

Second rushing touchdown during Super Bowl LVII

Following A.J. Browns’ touchdown (above), the Kansas City Chiefs retaliated, tying the game 14-14. In the bottom of the second quarter with less than three minutes remaining, the Eagles were first-and-goal.

Standing on the nine-yard line, Jalen Hurts ran directly into the end zone for his second rushing touchdown of the game.

Two-point conversion during Super Bowl LVII

This actually may have been my favorite play of the year. On a rollercoaster of emotions, the Chiefs took the lead in the fourth quarter, with the Eagles trailing by eight points.

On the only Eagles’ drive during the quarter, Philadelphia had the ball for 4:07, making their way 75 yards down the field. Hurts ran 2-yards for his third rushing touchdown of the game, bringing the score to 35-33.

The only possible way to remain alive in the game was for Philadelphia to go for two-points. And, they did just that. Hurts ran the ball to the left, as the offensive line held the defense. Despite pressure from the Chiefs, Hurts made it across, tying the game 35-35 with 5:15 remaining in the game.

If spectators didn’t already believe that Jalen Hurts was one of the best quarterbacks in the league, this drive should have done it. He finished Super Bowl LVII with 304 passing yards and one passing touchdown for a 103.4 passer rating. Hurts completed the most rushing yards (70) by any quarterback in a Super Bowl game, tying Terrell Davis for the most rushing touchdowns (3).

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