Eagles, Giants to face off in NFC Divisional Round of playoffs

Posted on January 16, 2023 - Last Updated on January 20, 2023

The Eagles and Giants are set to meet off again for the third time this season in the NFC Divisional Round after New York knocked off the Minnesota Vikings, 31-24.

It’ll be the Eagles’ third time playing against them this season, and the second straight game against New York in a row. The first came back on Dec. 11, where Philadelphia utterly dominated on their way to a reassuring 48-22 victory.

The second you might remember more clearly – it was only several days ago the Eagles barely got by New York’s third stringers to secure the top seed in the NFC thanks to a 22-16 win. Certainly not as great of a showing as the first.

When it comes to the matchup, we’ll have plenty more to digest over the next couple days. For now, we know the teams will face off Saturday, Jan. 21 at a time TBD. That actually might be preferable – regardless of the outcome, at least you won’t have to wake up the next morning if you’re a 9 to 5’er!

Let’s hit a quick few important, right-off-the-bat notes to get a sense of what’s important in the three-peat.

Eagles Have History On Their Side For Three-Peats

So, the initial thought some might have with this matchup is that going against a team for the third team, when you’ve been the victor in the past two, is a tough and possibly fatal challenge. After all, the opponent has had plenty of time to figure you out and improve upon weaknesses

Spoiler alert: Looking at history, things look well for the Eagles.

As Sportscasting’s Jeff Goldberg noted back in 2022, between 1994 to 2021, teams having beaten an opponent twice went on to complete the sweep 10 out of 15 times for a sweet .667 winning percentage.

There’s also the matter of Giants v. Eagles overall. Since 2014, Philadelphia has a 15-3 record against NYG, and hasn’t lost a home game to them since October of 2013.

It’s been an incredible showing of dominance over the past couple seasons, and given the Eagles’ plethora of talent, it’s hard to imagine that reign suddenly coming to a close.

Is Boston Scott An X-Factor?

The one thing you have to wonder about in an Eagles-Giants playoff game is how Boston Scott will be used. The “Giant Killer” has put up 414 yards and nine touchdowns in just seven games against New York.

Miles Sanders will still be the chief runner, and rightfully so. Still, it would be wise for the Eagles to try and incorporate Scott given his impressive history of showing up against New York.

Even if he’s not prominently featured in the game plan, if you’re a betting fan, you absolutely need to place wagers on him, either for yards or touchdowns. At this point, it might be easy money – especially in a winner-moves-on divisional showdown.

Make sure to stay tuned to Iggles.com throughout the week as we digest the latest news, odds, and opinions surrounding the Eagles’ playoff game against the Giants.

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