Cowboys’ Jerry Jones criticizes Eagles’ method for success

Posted on February 2, 2023 - Last Updated on February 3, 2023

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a rich dude who can’t buy the things he desperately wants.

NFL relevancy … another Super Bowl … heck, another conference championship game berth … a coach who can win something.

Jones’ Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl in 27 years. Dallas last won after the 1995 season, the year the O.J. Simpson murder trial opened.

Jones is thirsty, very thirsty. The Cowboys only have won four playoff games since 1996 and haven’t advanced to a NFC title game.

Jones doesn’t appear happy without any spotlight on him. So, he made a ridiculous comment about the Eagles, who will play in their second Super Bowl in five years.

Jones told the media at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., that the Eagles didn’t go about their success the right way this year. He tied in the Eagles with the Rams, last year’s Super Bowl champions, and criticized both teams for going all-in to win the title.

“Anybody who thinks I won’t take a chance, has misread the tea leaves. But I do think longer term,” Jones said. And I’m real hesitant to bet it all for a year. There’s a lot of things that can happen for that year. In essence, we’re seeing a couple of teams that have had some real success putting it all out there and paying for it later, in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.”

OK, let’s break this down. How much “longer-term” is Jones willing to endure? Are the Cowboys on the 28-year plan? Can he read tea leaves? Will the Eagles pay for it later?

We agree the Rams did go all-in last year and paid for it this year. But the Eagles have taken a different path. They actually have two first-round draft picks in 2023, including the Saints’ pick at 10. They traded a first-rounder for A.J. Brown, but anyone who knows football will say that was a steal for the Eagles.

“That’s pretty impressive to have two teams in the last two years empty the bucket and get to the Super Bowl,” Jones said. “But if you miss, it is a long go.”

Empty the bucket?

Jones doesn’t want the Cowboys to be too aggressive, nor too passive when it comes to making trades or signing free agents.

“I like where we are right now, more in the middle,” Jones said.

That’s exactly where they are.


Giants safety Julian Love went on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” and swung at Eagles coach Nick Sirianni.

Love said Sirianni is on a “free ride,” because of the strength of the roster.

“He’s a guy who really is doing a great job because he’s not getting in the way of his team,” Love said. “He has an experienced roster from top to bottom — offense, defense.”

After the broadcast, Love went onto Twitter after hearing criticism from Eagles’ fans. “Philly fans sure don’t like this one lol … but I’m not wrong. This is a players league, and Philly has dogs on the roster top to bottom. It’s no mystery why they’re in this position.”

At a news conference Thursday, Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham responded.

“You know what, people always got something to say when they’re at home, when they’ve got some stuff to think about,” Graham said.

“At the end of the day, it definitely carries no weight, because Coach proves himself each and every day. And if you’re not in here, you really wouldn’t know that. So it’s all lip service.”


The Eagles opened the 21-day practice window for punter Arryn Sippos, meaning he is eligible for the Super Bowl.

Siposs missed six games after injuring his ankle against the Giants on Dec. 11. Veteran Brett Kern punted in Sippos’ place.

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