Eagles own the NFC (awards, that is)

Posted on October 6, 2022 - Last Updated on October 7, 2022

Four weeks of football and four NFC weekly awards for Eagles. Plus, an Offensive Player of the Month award for Jalen Hurts.

Gee, what is the NFC going to do when the Eagles have their bye week?

This week, edge rusher/linebacker Haason Reddick was honored as the NFC Defensive Player of the Week.

Reddick had these statistics in the Eagles’ 29-21 victory over the Jaguars:

  • Four tackles
  • Three quarterback pressures
  • Two strip-sacks
  • Two fumble recoveries
  • One quarterback hit
  • One tackle for loss

The Eagles’ other weekly award winners:

  • Zech McPhearson, special teams vs. Lions
  • Darius Slay, defensive player vs. Vikings
  • Brandon Graham, defensive player vs. Commanders


Eagles run game coordinator/offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland has become fairly legendary around Philly. He was hired by the less-legendary Chip Kelly in 2013. He coached under Doug Pederson and now Nick Sirianni.

This is his 10th season with the Eagles.

You can’t hear one interview or conversation about an offensive lineman without hearing someone heap serious praise on Stoutland. Center Jason Kelce was asked Wednesday if Stoutland should be considered a head coaching candidate someday.

  • “I think he could be,” Kelce said. “A lot goes into being a successful head coach, but I think the most important thing in my mind as a head coach is you’re the leader of the whole group. You’re the manager of the whole team.
  • “It’s your job to get the most out of everyone — coaches, players and to facilitate that environment. I think Nick Sirianni does a tremendous job of this, but I think Jeff Stoutland would do a great job of that, too.
  • “I think that sometimes organizations go wrong. They want to hire the next offensive genius, the next defensive genius. That’s great, those guys make great coordinators. But, the offensive schemers and defensive schemers are not rare, in my opinion.
  • “The guys that are rare are the Pete Carrolls, the Belichicks, the [Andy] Reids, those guys. I mean Andy Reid used to sleep in this building.
  • “The guys that hold everyone to the standard and they live it themselves and they get the most out of their players and their coaches, those are the guys who end up having careers that last longer than a system that kind of dries up.
  • “So yeah, I think he’d be a great head coach.”


Hurts ended a news conference Wednesday with his assessment of the Cardinals, Sunday’s opponent.

“I didn’t get any questions about the Cardinals … ” Hurts said. “This is a really good team we’re about to play. They have a really good defense, disruptive upfront. They have speed on the back end … This is a good football team.”


Kelce was asked about left guard Landon Dickerson, who had several of his demolishing blocks against the Jaguars highlighted on social media.

“It’s a good trait [being mean],” Kelce said. “Everybody needs somebody like Landon Dickerson, every team does.

“I really love when teams have a good balance of all these different personalities and people. Every team needs that — the Bash Brothers or the guy that the other team is kinda intimidated by.

“And Landon, without question, has that ability. So does Jordan Mailata at times. Just two big, monstrous men that when they impose their will, it’s just impossible to stop that.

“And we’ve seen this from Landon last year. We’ve seen it from him all offseason with some of these counter plays where he just completely brutalized an edge player.

“Just the physicality and … when you need to, let that loose. That’s a tremendous trait especially for an offensive line to have. 

“I can talk a lot but I don’t have the physical stature that Landon and Jordan and some of these guys have.”

Before the 2021 draft, analyst Brian Baldinger told Steelers Depot about Dickerson: “My favorite lineman in this whole draft, and I know he’s got an injury history, but there’s no better lineman in this draft than Landon Dickerson at Alabama … Nasty. I mean [he] drives your bucket right into the dirt, makes you eat a little grass.”


Pro Football Focus picks a team of the week each week — a weekly all-star team, if you will. For Week Four, Dickerson was selected at left guard.

Reddick was picked at edge rusher. They were the only Eagles selected.


I know the perceived weak schedules help, but the NFC East has the most victories of any NFL division with 11. The NFC North and AFC East each have nine wins.

In the NFL’s perpetual quest for parity, only eight teams have winning records. In the NFC, it’s the Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, Vikings and Packers.

In the AFC, only three teams have winning records: the Dolphins, Bills and Chiefs.

An astounding 15 teams have 2-2 records.

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