A.J. Brown meeting lofty expectations with winning attitude

Posted on August 10, 2022

A.J. Brown arrived in Philly as a savior for a rising team that needed one, the big-name, free agent wide receiver who was going to make Jalen Hurts’ offense click.

Brown hasn’t disappointed. Not one bit.

Through the Eagles offseason and training camp, Brown has been the big man on the NovaCare campus with his hands, speed, power and attitude.

And what an attitude. When he spoke to the media Tuesday, he said what Eagles fans have thirsted to hear.

“I’m trying to score touchdowns every time I get the ball,” said Brown, who was acquired via trade with the Titans for the 18th and 101st overall picks on the first night of the NFL Draft.

“Craziest thing about it, whenever I touch the ball, my mind says ‘run’. That’s it: ‘Run’.

“I know whenever a guy just stops his feet, I got him. I’m just looking for that subtle stop. I know I got him, because I’m running. When I get in front of him, I don’t think I’ve been caught yet.”

Brown said those words with a smile, not a smirk. More matter-of-fact than cocky. The good attitude, you know.


Eagles coach Nick Sirianni talked the other day about his offense wanting more explosive plays. In Brown, who is 6-foot-1, 226 pounds, he has a fast and powerful receiver who can go get the ball in tight coverage and then do something with it.

  • “I think anytime the ball is in my hands it can be an explosive play,” Brown said. “That’s how I think. I’m always, whenever I got the ball in my hands, how can I turn this play into getting 10 extra yards?
  • “That’s my first initial thought whenever I get the ball: I got to get 10 [yards] every time I touch it. If I can actually get 10, I may even go for 30 or however long.
  • “I think that is something that I do, the dog that’s in me, what I want to do after the catch. I think that comes down to a guy just having heart.
  • “I’m not afraid. I play with no fear on the field. The majority of the time, I know guys don’t want to tackle me. I know that, so I try to keep running. I run through the catch, run through every catch.”

Hurts sees his new receiver through admiring eyes. He sees the possibilities for the Eagles roster and offense that Brown brings.

  • “We have a ton of great playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, we feel, and that’s just A.J. making plays,” Hurts said. “That’s what he does … He’s like 230. He’s a big guy. He has very strong hands. And he can run. So he’s done it for a while now in the league, three years.”


Brown was asked about Friday’s preseason game against the Jets and how much he would play. More and more in the NFL, starters don’t see much action in that first game — maybe a series or two.

The Eagles haven’t yet announced their plans for the starters.

“Whatever they want me to do on Friday, I will,” Brown said. “If they sit me, they sit me. I don’t know right now, so I can’t give you [any] answers.”


Brown and Hurts have talked about the bond they have —  the well-established friendship off the field and the growing connection on the field.

  • “We’re still building,” Brown said. “I have a lot of trust in him. He has trust in me. 
  • “I’m sure that trust will grow when the game comes. It’s different from practice than the game. Once we get in the game and I make a play for him, I think he’ll definitely trust me when I bail him out sometimes.
  • “I knew Jalen for a long time now. What we’re seeing right now, how he’s going about his business and how he’s being a professional, I expected that from the jump. He’s doing a great job and I’m proud of him.”


Brown welcomes the benefits of practicing every day against strong cornerbacks Darius Slay and James Bradberry.

  • “Both of them are different, both of them are really talented,” Brown said. “I think one is probably like top 10, Slay. He’s really tough.
  • “Whenever I’m going against Slay, I know I got to be precise. Every step matters, pad level matters. I got to be clean … coming out of the break. If I don’t, it can go the other way. 
  • “Bradberry is the same. He’s a longer corner. He does a great job with his hands. It’s the same way. I got to be on my game.
  • “Going against these guys in practice it just helps us [get] ready for whoever we’re playing against. I think I really get my best work each and every day in practice.”


At the Philadelphia Eagles public practice at the Linc on Sunday, Hurts connected with Brown for a diving, 30-yard touchdown pass despite tight coverage from Bradberry. The crowd of nearly 30,000 fans loved it.

“I was in game mode,” Brown said. “I felt the fans, the energy from them. That’s probably why they had the reaction …

“It felt so game-like with the fans in there. They were showing love. I was feeling the energy. I felt like I was in game mode.”

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