Carson Wentz to undergo surgery, what this means for the Eagles

Posted on August 2, 2021 - Last Updated on August 3, 2021

Carson Wentz left Philadelphia five months ago, yet despite his absence, the quarterback continues to make waves throughout the city.

After his banner was removed from Lincoln Financial Field two weeks ago, fans were optimistic about the future. However, the future may have already been altered all in part to Wentz.  Late last week it was reported that he would be out indefinitely due to a foot injury leaving Philadelphia wondering what would happen to their first-round 2022 draft pick.

Today, it was announced that Carson Wentz will undergo surgery this afternoon. He will miss five to twelve weeks.


Since the Philadelphia Eagles drafted Wentz in 2016, he has sustained six injuries which have caused the quarterback to miss a significant amount of time on the field.

  • August 2016: Chest rib fracture
  • December 2017: Knee (ACL) tear, grade 3
  • December 2017: Knee (LCL) tear, grade 3
  • October 2018: Vertebral spine fracture
  • January 2020: Concussion, grade 1
  • July 2021: Pedal foot injury

Indianapolis Colts’ head coach Frank Reich stated that Wentz’s injury is one that dates back to high school. During last Thursday’s practice, a broken bone came loose when the quarterback planted his left foot on the ground.

The plan was to rest it over the weekend; however, multiple doctors have suggested surgery to remove the bone. Per NFL’s Adam Schefter, Dr. David Porter, an orthopedic foot specialist will be performing the surgery.

With Wentz undergoing surgery this afternoon, the focus now is on recovery, which will be about five to twelve weeks. The first two weeks following surgery will be a resting period with rehabilitation beginning in weeks two to four.

Reich stated, “I think it was a gut punch for him [Wentz] for about two hours. Knowing Carson, I’m optimistic. Knowing his is the type of injury you don’t have to be pain-free to play in. You have to get to an acceptable level of tolerating pain and then you can start playing. That could happen early.”

Unfortunately for Wentz, he has only played two full seasons in his NFL career. Though he could return in time for Week 1, the Colts have been preparing for the worst. This past weekend, they signed veteran quarterback Brett Hundley who will join the Colts new QB1, Jacob Eason. The roster also includes back-ups Sam Ehlinger and Jalen Morton.


Philadelphia may have physically lost their franchise quarterback, but from 643 miles away, Wentz still affects the Eagles moving into the 2021 season.

As part of the deal to trade Wentz to the Colts, the Eagles would receive a first-round 2022 draft pick if Wentz played at least 75% of the Colts’ offensive snaps (or 70% of their snaps if the Colts made the playoffs). If Wentz returns in time for Week 1, then it’s smooth sailing. But, if he requires a longer recovery, he can really only miss four regular-season games (five if the Colts make the playoffs). Any more than that and Indianapolis wouldn’t be able to keep up their end of the bargain.

Only time will tell how quickly Wentz will be sporting that blue No. 2 jersey.

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