All the latest on the Zach Ertz trade rumors

Posted on June 2, 2021

It’s June 1st, and Zach Ertz is still an Eagle.

For some people, that’s definitely a surprise. After all, ever since the last game of the season, all signs pointed to Ertz being gone at this point. His emotional press conferences were followed by rumors of him being dealt alongside Carson Wentz, and then rumors of him being dealt at the draft.

The rumors proved to be just that. But they certainly won’t stop coming. The 30-year-old is still a candidate to be traded, and recent reports suggest that numerous teams are interested in acquiring the veteran. However, Philadelphia isn’t about to just let him go for nothing.

Three TE-Needy Teams Are Interested In Ertz

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, three teams that have tight end as a need have checked in on Ertz. The specific teams aren’t named, but many presume the Buffalo Bills are one of them.

Buffalo definitely could use an upgrade at the position- Dawson Knox, while young (24), only had 288 yards and three touchdowns in 2020.

It’s also been pointed out that the Bills just restructured wide receiver Stefon Diggs’ contract, which will save them about $8 million in cap space. That’s enough to fit in a contract like Ertz.

(AP Photo/Chris Szagola)

Who might the other two teams be? The New York Jets might be a possibility. Chris Herndon hasn’t exactly impressed, and the Jets might be looking for a safety blanket for new QB Zach Wilson. Plus, there’s the Joe Douglas connection to consider.

The Seattle Seahawks could also be a candidate. Right now, their current starter is Gerald Everett. Ertz would fit in nicely into an offense that features Russell Wilson and D.K. Metcalf.

The Eagles Are Still Holding Out For A Return

Fowler also mention that the Eagles still want something back in an Ertz trade, which makes a release of the three-time Pro-Bowler unlikely.

It’s clear the Eagles won’t be getting anything significant, as not many teams are likely to pay a hefty price for a tight end who just had a huge down season and faced injuries.

Teams are likely interested in buying low and hoping Ertz regains some semblance of his 2017-19 self, so perhaps a conditional mid-round pick might do the trick.

Should The Eagles Keep Ertz? Probably Not

Yes, there is always the chance the Eagles keep Ertz. There’s no reason they absolutely have to move him. He’s proven to be a reliable pass-catcher, which could be a good thing for a young player like Jalen Hurts. A rebound for him is possible.

But the Eagles have a potentially great player in Dallas Goedert, who has slowly been creeping up behind Ertz for the #1 TE spot for a few seasons now. As Goedert moves closer to free agency, Philadelphia needs to know what they have in him. That means giving the starting spot to him, whether or not Ertz is in the picture.

Besides, it feels like the start of a new era. While Eagles fans will cherish the memories Ertz gave them, the tight end seems to want a fresh beginning somewhere else, probably on a contender. For a guy who has the organization’s only Super Bowl-winning catch, he’s earned it.

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