6 KEI’S TO… Surviving An Eagles Bye Week

Posted on October 20, 2022

It’s the bye week and Eagles fans don’t know what to feel. We can’t get enough of our birds, but a week without stress is on the horizon! Although the team is doing well and they could use a much-needed break, you may have some slight withdrawal, and that’s normal.

Let’s look at some “Keis” to survive the bye week! Don’t fret, it will be over before we know it!

6. Relax!

The Eagles may not be able to play or win, but they can’t ruin your week either. You get to enjoy a stress-free Sunday, knowing our birds are one of the best teams in the NFL and have a schedule coming up that will allow them to stack wins.

You can also breathe easier knowing that the injured Eagles on the team get a chance to heal up for the remaining games! Watch the highlights of the first six games, and savor the birds’ position. A little bragging never hurt anyone. We’ve earned it.

5. Redzone Is Your Friend

The Eagles aren’t on, so sit down with your favorite food and drinks and watch 7+ hours of uninterrupted football! If you’ve been mainly focused on the 2022 Eagles roster, this is your chance to catch up with the rest of the teams in the league.

It’s time to scout and determine who the biggest threat to the Eagles really is. You can enjoy RedZone knowing that you won’t miss any big plays or moments, and you’ll be on top of the outcome of all games!

4. Focus On Tiebreakers & Rivals

In my football fandom, I like to look at the long-term outcome. I’m always focused on what will help the Eagles, especially during bye weeks. No matter how early it is in the season, tiebreakers matter.

Head-to-head, the strength of schedule, and common opponents could be big! After all, common opponents gave the Eagles the one-seed in 2017. In week 7, there are plenty of games you can focus on that could affect the Eagles.

The Buccaneers are a team that the Eagles could compete with for a one-seed, and they travel to Carolina to play the Panthers. Root for Carolina. Although the Commanders are a rival, their season appears to be in shambles. A Washington upset over Green Bay could help the Eagles as well.

The 49ers are gaining steam and could be a threat, so a loss at the hands of the Chiefs could also come in handy! Naturally, we’ll be big Lions and Jaguars fans as they play the Cowboys and Giants, respectively. The Eagles are in a good position, but separating themselves from the rest of the teams is super important.

You don’t have an Eagles game to worry about, so you can give all of these games your full attention.

3. Focus On Your Fantasy Team

If you’re like me, the Eagles potentially affected your fantasy team. You may have drafted too many Eagles players or the Eagles’ season took most of your focus.

Make sure you have great replacements and start them if you drafted an Eagles-heavy lineup. The best thing about an Eagles bye week is RedZone, which allows you to keep up with your fantasy lineups easier! Use this bye week time to survey injuries around the league.

Do your best Howie Roseman impression and fleece your friends in fantasy trades.

2. Schedule That Event Or Errand, If You Dare!

Football still goes on without the Eagles during a bye, but most of these games bear less importance. Unfortunately, we have friends and family who do not care about football, and sometimes like to schedule events on Sundays.

  • Planning on getting married in the fall? Hopefully, you planned accordingly and scheduled it around the Eagles’ bye week!
  • Did you want to have lunch or brunch with that friend who is only available on Sundays? Go at 11, spend quality time, and you won’t miss too many of the 1 PM games!
  • Been putting off that cleaning you were supposed to do? Maybe you promised your significant other you’d fix something in the house or put something together!

You have extra time, so this is the perfect week to do all of those things!

1. Watch The Phillies NLCS Games
October is an interesting time for sports, arguably one of the biggest sports months of the year. MLB playoffs are on, and the Phillies have a good chance to get to the World Series. Philly fans gotta stick together, no matter what sport it is.

If you’re not much of a baseball fan the MLS is still going strong, the Flyers are 3-0 and the Sixers begin this season hungry for an NBA Final Series.

The bye week extends you that one NFL week where you don’t have to feel guilty or bothered by flipping channels or focusing on multiple teams at once. If you’re a fan of four or five professional sports teams, focusing on them on the same day can be very exhausting! Take this day and show those other teams some love!

Bring on Mike Tomlin, Kenny Pickett, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Go birds.

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