2022 draft picks watch: Colts’ loss greatly helps out Eagles

Posted on September 13, 2021

The Eagles just won their first game of the season, so the logical thing is to turn our attention to something that’s eight months away.

There are a number of picks the Eagles currently own that require paying attention to other teams. If those teams lose, the picks the Eagles acquired from them could end up being higher in the draft. Below is a list of all the current draft picks Philadelphia possesses:

RoundHow Pick Was Acquired
1stEagles' own pick
1stDolphins' pick- Acquired in 2020 Draft trade
2ndColts' pick- Acquired in Carson Wentz trade (can become 1st)
2ndEagles' own pick
3rdEagles' own pick
4thEagles' own pick
5thEagles' own pick
5thWFT pick- Acquired in 2020 Draft trade
5thCardinals' pick- Acquired in Zach Ertz trade
6thJets' pick- Acquired in Joe Flacco trade (can become 5th)
6thColts' pick- Acquired in Matt Pryor trade

The second-rounder acquired in the Carson Wentz trade can become a first if (a) Wentz plays 75 percent of snaps or (b) Wentz plays 70 percent of snaps and Indianapolis makes the playoffs.

Colts Help Out Birds In Big Way

The Colts really helped out the Eagles this week. Indy lost to Seattle, 28-16, which means both those picks are higher up in the draft now than the were last week.

More importantly, Wentz played 100 percent of the Colts’ snaps. Wentz seems to have survived his leg scare (for now) so he’ll continue to play the required amount of snaps needed to turn that second into a first.

Remember, Wentz’s performance doesn’t impact the draft stipulations, so him playing mediocre (thereby bringing down Indianapolis’ record) and still receiving the majority of snaps is the best case scenario.

Dolphins Win

The Dolphins got the win against the New England Patriots, which is disappointing but not all that surprising. Given the talent on Miami, it’s fair to assume the pick will be somewhere in the 18-24 range. It’s a long season, though, so things could change quickly.

WFT Loses

Washington lost to the L.A. Chargers, which means that fifth-rounder just rose up. Washington losing also helps the Eagles climb closer to winning the NFC East. The bottom line is to root for WFT to lose every week.

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