The History Of The Philadelphia Eagles Logo

After the franchise officially became the Philadelphia Eagles in 1933, the Philadelphia Eagles logo was born. However, it has been through some extreme modifications to get to where it’s at now.

Philadelphia Eagles Logo History

From different color palettes and modernized styles to last-place finishes and a Super Bowl-winning franchise, this little bird has been through it all.

1933 – 1935Philadelphia-Eagles-logo-1933-1935

The designer who produced the original version of the Philadelphia Eagles logo in 1933, took a very traditional approach and incorporated a lot of detail.

The 1933 conception was the first of many for the Eagles organization, as well as the franchise’s one and only logo that incorporated the color blue into the design.

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1936 – 1941philadelphia-eagles-logo-history-1936-1941

When the Philadelphia Eagles logo changed in 1936, not only did the color go from blue to green, but the contours of the piece were also redrawn.

While those were the only drastic changes that took place, you can notice several small alterations from the original design, including the angle of the bird and a rounder-looking ball.

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1942 – 1947eagles-logo-history-1942-1947

The logo went through a modification phase once again in 1942. This version was given a new modern silhouette look with less detail. This simple, yet bold design was ahead of its time.


1948 – 1968Eagles-logo-history-1948

In 1948, the Philadelphia Eagles added a bit more detail to the logo and slightly changed the green color. Although it was still a simple, flat design, it looked more realistic compared to other sports logos during that time.


1969 – 1972eagles-logo-history-1969-1972

Although the color palette remained green and white and the illustrations of the eagles are still holding a football in the same stance, the contours of the logo were changed into square shapes and right angles to give it its new look.


1973 – 1986history-of-Eagles-logo-1973-1986

In 1973 the Philadelphia Eagles created a logo that to this day, remains a favorite of many fans. This new design was actually a simple concept. Take the already beloved helmet design, make a few small changes to it and make it the team’s new logo.

Although you could look at it as a lazy move, it obviously paid off.

1987 – 1995history-Eagles-logo-1987-1995

In the modification of 1987, the logo was redesigned around the more vintage illustrations created through the years. Going back to back to the eagles holding a football with the addition of orange and brown colors used to make the bird stand out slightly.

You’ll also notice, that the eagle’s direction was changed from the older designs and kept to the left side.

1996 – Presenthistory-Eagles-Logo-1996-present

With new technology came a whole new look for the Eagles franchise. After years of below-average football, it was time for the Eagles to make some drastic changes, starting with the team’s look. The design team who created this logo definitely took a big chance by completely changing the team’s look. But again, it paid off mightily.

In 1996 the Philadelphia Eagles logo received a whole new color palette with a sleek, sharp style. The sharp and bold lines also make the bird look angry, probably to show the team was sick of losing.

Three years after this design was created the franchise turned it’s losing ways around, and to this day we have an Eagles roster we can be proud of, and they remain a winning franchise. Maybe it was the new look… maybe not.

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